Today, tomorrow… today, yesterday…

Today we spend time and energy thinking and planning for tomorrow
Tomorrow we will think back in analysis of our actions today.

Tomorrow is what we do today. Tomorrow today will be yesterday.
We are what we do now, a reflection of our actions now.

There is no time more important than now. What will be depends on what is now.
There is no bigger importance in yesterday than a mere remembrance that we can learn from. Yet again today is when we are able to change, if changes are needed.

This doesn’t justify reckless behaviour under the flag of living fast, enjoying life with deathly behaviour nor does it mean that we have to live with no goals and guidance.
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Just dont spend too much time on what will be. Dont let negative past experiences define what you are today.
It doesnt matter how old or young you are. What sex you are. How complicated your life seems to be (complicated is when we make an issue of an issue).
It really doesnt matter…

Know what you want. Define that what you want to achieve and work towards that.
Dont be fooled by a dog day in a life time that is still to be lived.
Dont dwell on the past. Use it for tomorrow.
Dont push things and persons away because of fear for what might or might not come.

Embrace today and live today.

There is no tomorrow if today is not lived.
Tomorrow there will be no past if today has not been lived

Time is subjective to what we make of it…

Live now, dream for tomorrow but take those steps now…


Stand up

Can you feel that? Listen carefull, and feel the change… what it was is nothing but a remembrance

A cold breeze creeping. Trembling I wonder who has summoned this, thinking….

Was it faith, was it me? How can this be….

Grabbing a fist full of earth, dirt that dissolves as I try to hold on. Where is it pulling me? Will I be gone?…is this a sign, a new life a rebirth…

This wind has a mind of its own, it will take me if I let myself go and dont fight. It will scar me if I let it take the lead. need to hang tight. Is it permanent how strong has it grown..

Refuse to feel. I kneel down. refocus….Deny it for what it is. Don’t want this, never wished for a storm. Could I only know I will not blow away, rather fly up to a better stay.

How much more can one fight. It might seem to be passing. But the force is forcing one to fall. Will he one day stand tall. Proud he shouts out loud… I will never give in, will get back up and take whats mine…

Hesitation will make you starve….

Afraid to step into the unknown, afraid to experience failure and pain
relying only on his courage, his will to survive, he embraces that fight.
Accepts the consequences and dives into the crow, no one can restrain
unstoppable now. no hesitation or he might fail tonight.

Hesitation comes from being afraid of the unknown.

Too many times we fail to take the next step because it is something new.
Too many times we fail to step up, into a better and happier state because we are so accustomed to that what we have, that we become afraid of loosing that.
Too many times we fail because we dont follow our hearts……..

Being true to ourselves, we can only grow when we accept and embrace those moments, those other souls that cross our path.

A soul that makes you feel at home just by its presence…
A soul that gives you the feeling of being at peace, with yourself and together….

Dont be afraid to step up.
Dont be afraid to fail, learn from it…

Follow your instinct and act, jump into the unknown when your gut tells you to trust

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…..I am a maggot……. I am a butterfly…..

I am a beautiful creature trapped inside a time capsule,
surrounded by darkness.
I fly, I amaze those who capture a glimpse of me,
Chased by some, killed by the ones who claim I am beautiful
I feed on dirt and sorrow, decay and death
disgust those who fail to look pass my outer body
I am the most beautiful creature flying around.
Dream of my enchanting beauty,
enhancing the beauty of nature………….


I am a demon, a master of deception,
I put a spell on most,
if only they knew where I came from,
darkness and decay made me.
Apparent beauty that lies, deceits.
I warm the hearts, I am followed and chased
make them laugh with the pleasure of my sight
I am hideous, disguised as a thing of beauty


A Rose once was enchanting

Known for its beauty, representing a deep feeling of warmth.

Bright coloured, it comes in various beautiful different tones.

Red is the most known and wanted, representing a feeling of love.

So strong it can grow even in a concrete jungle and charm us with its beauty.
Surrounded by thorns for protection, such beauty needs to be concealed and protected from predators.

Killed and destroyed by those same who are charmed by its wonderfulness.

It sits now on a table, a fenster.
Mocked by the one who killed it, it is dipped in water. Only to delay the process of decay by nothing else than a selfish feeling.

Beauty is in the living…
Sadness is in the used and killed…

A feeling

A breeze, a sense, something you aren’t quite able to name.

Something that wraps around your soul, your aura. A feeling that is shared by many but unique for each one.

A desire burning inside, fueling on remembrance from an alliance of true feelings.

Profound, fused to you souls it is part of you.

Wishing and wanting to be one again. Times goes on and that feeling grows stronger.

A thought, a telepathic touch is sent into the universe. Hoping that for one moment that sense becomes just as real as you remember it.

Guidance light

A shimmering light shining through the dense canopy.

A star giving not only guidance but also hope.

Lost in the forest the only way out is to follow that instinct, that light that seems to lead the way.

Many have wondered and stepped into the unknown, following only that. Determined to succeed….

Gratefull is the one that finds that star. For he will no longer wonder around, lost in space.

A light. Not too bright but never fading. Shinning and showing the way.

The universe is always ready to give us advice, if only we could listen and believe in it a bit more. Sometimes suffering is needed to proceed, lessons to be learned so growth can take place.

Never give in, never back down. Soul wide open listen to the universe and live to the fullest.

Castle on the hill

Far away a house is standing tall, alone on a hill. It has been built strong, like a castle some say.

A house that outstands the elements.
Wind, rain, hail, snow or sun has little effect on it.
A storm might hang above and it will not fall. 

It has taken years to built it and it has grown to be a mighty sight.
Portraying strength, yet some scars can be seen when looked closer and when one looks inside one can feel the loneliness.

This castle represents for many strenght and shelter, but those same ones fail to protect it, fail to take care of it.
It needs attention for it has been neglected for years.
Those habitating it have always considered it to be so strong that simple maintenance work has always been put back.

A crack in a wall.
A roof tile that has sheered off during the last storm is starting to take its toll.

Some day.
Years from now it shall be famous as an historical monument. Thousands will want to see and feel the mighty power it radiated once, many years ago.
Many will invest time and effort, will try to keep the last walls from collapsing. 

For the wrong reason this castle is forced to stay up.
Try and keep it standing, just so more tourist can see it, just so more can make use of it without really carrying or simply let it fall?


A train left the station. It has been 38 stops ago since he climbed on.

Now looking outside into the world he sees unknown familiarity. A world that he knows, yet is not known to.

He is but a passanger, he can not control the train for it is driven by forces not known to him.
Some have sat besides him on his lonely seat. Few though and even fewer have stayed for more that one stop.

How he lingers for companion on that lonely ride. He can hear laughs and talking from the other carriages. Some sound so familiar yet, some have even sat in his cariage manny stops back.

Almost 7 stops back one soul has sat in his cariage and has not left since. Sometimes looks outside and asks for comfort around his arms as the world outside is yet to be discovered. But most of the time that soul is exploring the carriage. He looks over and sees the curiosity building up. Knowing that one even that soul will leave and find its own carriage.

Recently someone has stepped in and he hopes for that companion to stay till the last stop. Yet the tracks are bumpy and sometimes discouraging for anyone else that is not used to this lonely and bumpy track. 

Sitting back, he sinks into his seat. Hopes that that force driving this train knows the way and doesn’t drive into a cliff.

Somewhere far away he can see the tracks going up.
Into heaven.
There are yet manny stops until that and the world between seems to change a lot.

A passenger in the train. Not knowing where or when the ride will end. Living stop by stop. Lingering for a smooth companious ride.

This passenger is driven by God