The art of sculpting your body.

Not necessarily into perfect shape or condition, this is a personal opinion and view. That what is the perfect shape and physique for me might be opposite for someone else.

Bodybuilding with all its different categories is nothing else but the art of creating your perfect shape according to your own desire.

It is a metamorphosis that is not only hard on your body but also on your mind.

It takes sacrifices, effort and hard work.


How bad do you want it? How hard are you willing to work for it?

See, it doenst matter if you are natural or on the juice, you still need to put in the hard work, still need to focus on diet.

All the family is sitting at the table and you are on your diet? Girlfriend wants a night out but you need to bring your next meal? How about planning holidays when you need to maintain the workout and your diet?

It is socially excluding yourself just because you have a personal goal….

Are you ready to take that step? Is your spouse ready for that?

This is the hardest part. Training is easy. Maintaining the diet is not bad if you forget about the above issues…

Than comes the various phases.

Bulking. When at some point you feel fat, dont want to eat and still have to force it. Getting tired all the time just because you are getting bigger and it takes more effort to move around.

Cutting. In the first week you feel dizzy, headaches because you are eating far below of what you should. Feeling weak and still having to train. Going to bed feeling hungry. Eating and 5 minutes later you are starving.

Are you ready for this.

Are you obsessed enough to keep going?

I’m not even going to touch the juice issue. That is a personal choice and you better be damn sure about it before picking up that needle, because there is not backing off after that.

Bodybuilding is to me the most beautiful sport. It requires the most focus and obsession. It is also something you carry on your shoulder and everyone can see. It reflects the most beautiful way of leading your live and chasing your dreams.

But it is a hard live of sacrifices and discipline.

Are you willing to go for it?

Are you willing to fight?

Step into this world and work hard.



Go beyond….

At some stage in life we need to make a decision.

Either stay were we feel safe. Live by and with that what we know so well or we chance it and go further.

It’s the hardest choice we might need to make. But what is it we are afraid of when facing that dilemma?

Don’t take action and we stay there where we are so familiar. Feel safe and some might even enjoy staying here, comfortable and safe. But the problem arises not because we feel safe but because in our mind we will always be questioning ourselves… what is? What would we have been like?

Choose to move on, step into unfamiliar grounds and we need to deal with our own defense mechanism. This can stop us from going into new grounds. Srepping into the unfamiliar.

So what to do?

transferir (3)

Go beyond that what you think is your limit. Go beyond that what people around you say is possible…

Don’t be afraid. Just take that step and stand behind your choice.

Just make sure that you take the correct choice by trusting your gut.

If it feels good. Go for it.

Go beyond the horizon. Break through your pain barrier and you will be surprised…

New horizons will come. Your pain barrier will be raised and you will be able to take more, you will grow stronger.


Go beyond your dreams and live them.

Use fear…

How many of us have been living in fear..  Fear of the future, fear of the past that keeps on haunting us during the present.

Fear of being alone, fear of sharing our lifes. Fear of not fitting in, fear of getting lost in the crowd.

Covered in fear every single step, every choice that needs to be taken is harder to take. Torn up between the what if, we get lost in the why not….

So during life we need to take decisions and not always are they going to be the best for us…

So what….

Fear is a mechanism of defense. It is our brain trying to keep us safe. Trying to secure our safety by not stepping into unknown paths.

Should we ignore this mechanism? Hell no..

We should use it so we dont take those steps without caution but we should definitely take them..

Ever seen a toddler learning to walk on its own? If he takes a fall it will take longer for him to get back up and walk.. that is the defense mechanism of his small brain saving him from pain..

Does he stay in fear for a long time? The curiosity of exploring the world is much bigger than the fear of getting hurt.

Dont be afraid to get hurt. Be cautious but take the risks.

Love without fear of getting hurt.

Explore the world without fear.

Live life to your full potential and enjoy every single step along the way.

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The path is to be taken cautiously but without such fear that it stops us from actually taking it.

Use fear for your benefit…

Be childish…

So when do we stop being children and start acting like an adult?transferir (1)

Why do we even stop certain childish behavior and start to act like adults?

Of course we need to face reality with all its hidden dangers and tricks. All the things we thought we were prepared for but never really were. Assuming a stand against the world and create our own future.

But should we really forget about how it was when we were children?

Should we stop having fun?images

Some say that a child doesnt see the real world and that is why they seem like they dont care about anything but being happy.

is this true?

As a child we see everything bigger, harder. Every little detail is a major obstacle in life and a child fears. They fear a lot yet they dont stop to be reasonable. They explore knowing that the grown ups have their back.

They laugh without fear. Cry without shame. Call eachother liers and curse without any thought behind it.

They live and feel every single emotion without the fear of being looked down at.

Is this really so bad?

Should we not face our duties but still smile when needed, cry when we feel sad?

Where or at what stage does this get such a big deal that we become so afraid of what others think that we actually surpress our own feelings?

Feel like a child.

Cry and laugh like one.

Even the stubbornness of a child is a lot healthier than the giving up attitude we as an adult tend to develope.

Try and tell a child he or she cant do something they really want and you will experience true determination. Even if it means they have  scream their lungs off. They will not stop untill that goal is achieved.

Be a childish adult….transferir


Walking on thin ice

Ever been driving on roads paved with ice? Covered in snow?

The ones that have experienced this know a couple of general tricks that help and prevent crashes.

One thing is to take the necessary safety measures such as good tires that have been designed for it. Tools that need we need to invest in order to prepare better.

Besides this there are tricks such as;

Don’t brake too often or too hard, instead get the feeling and steer back onto the road and til you’ve straightened up again. Don’t hesitate. Don’t stop in panic.. need to keep going, keep that momentum going. It helps you brake through that small snow barrier, but once you stop that same insignificant layer will be enough to prevent you starting again.

Haven’t we all faced events in life where we felt like we were walking on thin ice? It all can collapse and submerge you in a deep cold situation hard to get out off.

When ever facing that apply these same principles.

Don’t stop. For when you stop moving a small insignificant detail might become so big it will prevent you from starting again, you will be stuck.

Dont hit the brakes, this will only give you a false feeling of safety. Before you know it this braking puts you spinning around your axle.

Dont hesitate and dont take sharp turns… feel what is around you and go with it. Always towards you inicial goal without deviating.

Sonetimes all we need is to push through. Keep that momentum working for us.

Dont be afraid to step on thin ice. Be afraid to stop halfway.


Changes… the slow process that takes over

And than that day comes when you realise you have changed.

And it is not waking up in the morning and feeling better that makes you realise this, it is during ordinary day in day out circumstances that you come to realise.

You no longer feel that same anger when frustrated, even though small outburst still come occasionally but even they get less frequent.

No longer feel anxious when you have no news for a longer period, just because you trust those around you that help you change… no longer feel you are constantly being lied to.

No longer have the need to publish everything and every single pic on social media as they no longer fulfil you, there is someone else that matters and that is it.

Changes can be overwhelming, they can be frightening and it can actually breal us down. Stepping into a new us is sometimes scary… but we need those changes in life.

We need to grow and become better. For ourselves and for those that help us change.

Sometimes it only takes that one person to step in and we start to bit by bit feel better, be better…

Dont let that intimidate you though.. embrace it.

Dont force yourself into nothing just be yourself and let the other persons energy overwhelm you and improve your own energy.


A crossroad might mean you have to choose a new route but it also joins people. And if faith is your strongest weapon than have faith that at that crossroad another positive energy will join you and together you will be able to face the next challenges in life.

So dont expect to wake up feeling a new person, but when you realise in your daily routine that you have changed…

Embrace it…



surrounded by fog… dont panic

Driving up the mountain we get surrounded by fog and even though we know the direction we are heading, it is quite easy to panic.
To stop and wonder where to go next….
Just a few meters back we new where to go and now we are stopped wondering, clueless…

Has the road changed?
Did we suddenly forget where we were heading?
Or are we just overwhelmed by the surrounding fog?

Sometimes there are circumstances that can be so overwhelming that make us actually loose track of that what it is we are heading for.

When we get surrounded by fog the worst thing to do is panic, start heading in every direction..
Instead the best way is to take a deep breath, look around and keep focus on the destination you had before getting surrounded.
Step by step, slowly keep going and feel the ground below with every step taken.
Cautious keep going until you walk out, the skies open and the road ahead is visible.


Anyone driving down the road in the fog and mist has experienced that same frustrating feeling. High beam on or off?
Get blinded by the reflection of the light but see just a little bit more of the road in front or see less and focus more, maybe going slower but still going.

And that is exactly what needs to be done and what we have done today as we were driving up the mounting, getting not only surrounded by fog but also immersed in the white scenery that makes it hard to determine where the edge of the road is…
Still we knew where to go and more cautious that is where we have gone.

Sometimes we tend to get lost in the fog inside our head, we panic and start going in every direction except the correct one.
We get so overwhelmed by it we no longer think, no longer are able to take that deep breath and take baby steps ahead, going forward…
And when the fog clears we tend to find ourselves in an entire different situation than that what we were aiming for.


Dont panic and dont loose track of that what you want.

There will be struggle and there will be days of storm and fog.

There will also be days of sunshine.

Make sure you dont get lost in the fog though or those sunny days wont be as fabulous as you initially had hoped for.



motivation… dont wait for it as it will never come

Motivation…. is it all it takes for us to take those steps?
Or do we sometimes just need to push through and see what is behind the wall….







“not today bro, just not motivated”
“not now I just have to unwind and then I will do it”
“haven`t got my pre-work out, I wont train today”….

and so on and so on….

We have all heard it before. Better yet, we have all said it before…

That moment that we need to do something, take a decision, start doing some kind of sport, stop smoking, etc. But the “motivation” isnt there…
Makes me wonder how important this motivation really is… or are we maybe using it wrong, using it as an excuse not to do some instead of just going out there and step up.

See most people need that extra push, nothing wrong with that… but most people dont realize that that extra push needs to come from within. It needs to be you pushing yourself.
And even though you might not feel like, you need to push….

Motivation is not a slogan to be used as a tool for when it fits best, it is something that you build step by step, it is a desire to achieve something, a dream so big that all you want it to get to that point so you keep on going.
Even when you dont feel like it, even when that same motivation you so much need is simply not there.
Not every day is going to be easy, there will not always be someone out there pushing you and giving you that extra boost you need..

You need to build on that.
Uou need to say I dont feel like it that is why I am going to.
I dont feel like working out so I will put an extra 10kg on the bar, so I know next time that I have to push even harder.


It is the intensity of your desire, the direction you point yourself to and your persistence to keep going that is going to build that motivation and eventually bring you to your dream.

So stop making excuses. If you do need an excuse than blame yourself for being lazy, afraid to take action, weaker that your fears…

We tend to make excuses and try to reason ourselves into not doing that what we want because of fear.
Fear of achieving it most of the times.

Someone without great achievements doesnt fear to fail, he knows what failure is and lives with.
He fears winning.
We are more afraid of winning than loosing.

What if we do win? what if it changes us? What will friends and family say? How will they react?
So we are actually afraid of achieving and living our lives the way we want, because failure we know so well.
Step out of that zone and take risks…
Stop waiting for the right moment, for that motivation, that sign…

live life without fears 


What if….

Sometimes we postpone dicisions. Sometimes we postpone important events in out lifes and even decisions that might seem minor at the moment but crucial for the future are postponed. Put on hold…

Why?… mainly because we are afraid to take actions.

The fear of taking actions stops us from living that future that we so much desire. This same future we so much desire makes some so scared of action and decisions that we cut ourselves short because of it.

What if tomorrow never happens? What if we misguide ourselves and boycott our own future due to not taking that decision?

When it feels natural, when a decision seems nothing but the correct thing to do we need to take that step and do it.

Dont take unnecessary risks and put your life in danger but don’t stay in that comfortable and o so safe zone afraid to go beyond

What if the person that is entering your life won’t stay?  What if due to that same thought you push that person away?

What if that job you so much desire will be fulfilled by someone else? What if your indecision to apply for it causes you to loose a future career that might change your life?

I have been living for years wanting to step out but always afraid to. I have known all of this for years. Yet never been able to do so.

Untill  I realized that my same fears is what is keeping me back.. and even though on so many  other aspects in life I am fearless I still was never able to be so on a much more personal level…

So now due to some recent events I realize something……..what if is  my future.

What if is at the same level as remember when… it is nothing but a lower form of conversation. The lowest you can have.

It stops us from being true to ourselves and to live.

Remember when can lead you into old memories and stop you from creating new ones. We are always changing, emproving ourselves, learning new skills and becoming a better version of ourselves.

What if stops us from learning. What if stops the action. It inhibits new challenges and creates fear.

Never stop. Enjoy every single moment, everyone in your live and keep pushing.

Be afraid. Afraid to stagnate and cut yourselve short.

Try and plant a rose in between a concrete wall.. see if that seed says what if there is no space for growth?

What if I die tomorrow and as I am looking back I realized I should have and could have loved more, expressed more without fears? What if? Maybe I would not have been lying there alone thinking about that…

What if we all aim for a better version of ourselves. What if we all help each other grow.

What if…

The wind

As I stand here in the wind. Feeling it blow. Feeling the forces and energy it carries I cant help but to realize how important it is to let energy flow.

We shouldn’t stay rigid thinking about our worries, problems. Just like we shouldn’t try to grab hold of joyfull moments hopping that they never end.

Let it flow like the wind. Let life flow and dont fight it. Don’t try to hold on to negative memories and and try to live just on positive. Live in balance as life is a constant flow, just like the wind is a way of nature keeping the balance of its energy cycle.

Just like it dissipates our worries it carries new and stronger energies into our lives.

Feel the wind. Feel and listen to it. You can almost feel the anger and rage you might feel at that moment disapear with it. Being dispersed into the skies.

Just like you can feel new energy entering and flowing through you. Into you.

The clouds move along and even though it might me a dark day covered in clouds that same wind will open the sky and sunlight will shine through afterwards.

Some hate windy days. I like to feel it. I like to take a stand and just feel the energy

Let it fill me with energy and empty me from my worries.

Embrace nature’s wonders. The sun set is most beautiful on a cloudy day for a reason.