Embrace your life

Trapped in daily life we fail sometimes to look around.
surrounded by beauty taken for granted sometimes, untill we see strangers stepping on our land.
amazed by the same beauty we see every day.

only difference is they don’t take it for granted.

just because it is daily routine it doesn’t mean it looses it’s beauty and wonderfulness.
the same that attracted us in the beginning is still there.
it is now part of us and that makes it even more intense.

look around and embrace those that are part of you. recognizing their value embrace it and you will find something new everyday.

life is a journey.
don’t loose sight of the wonderfulness around you, even it it seems insignificant and small, trying to look for someone else’s views and idea.

build your own castle


Walk your own path

A path, a road to something beyond your imagination.
is it worth getting into?
even though you can’t see the road ahead, even though it might seem hard, there is only one way…
keep going and find paradise..

afraid to step forward and fall we might ask others for their opinion, for their view.
but that is just what it is.. their view.

don’t be afraid to slip, even if someone has tripped on this path.
walk your own path to success.
enlighten your world with your own steps and pursue to success.

don’t build your castle on someone else’s image.

Hesitation will make you starve….

Afraid to step into the unknown, afraid to experience failure and pain
relying only on his courage, his will to survive, he embraces that fight.
Accepts the consequences and dives into the crow, no one can restrain
unstoppable now. no hesitation or he might fail tonight.

Hesitation comes from being afraid of the unknown.

Too many times we fail to take the next step because it is something new.
Too many times we fail to step up, into a better and happier state because we are so accustomed to that what we have, that we become afraid of loosing that.
Too many times we fail because we dont follow our hearts……..

Being true to ourselves, we can only grow when we accept and embrace those moments, those other souls that cross our path.

A soul that makes you feel at home just by its presence…
A soul that gives you the feeling of being at peace, with yourself and together….

Dont be afraid to step up.
Dont be afraid to fail, learn from it…

Follow your instinct and act, jump into the unknown when your gut tells you to trust

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Use fear…

How many of us have been living in fear..  Fear of the future, fear of the past that keeps on haunting us during the present.

Fear of being alone, fear of sharing our lifes. Fear of not fitting in, fear of getting lost in the crowd.

Covered in fear every single step, every choice that needs to be taken is harder to take. Torn up between the what if, we get lost in the why not….

So during life we need to take decisions and not always are they going to be the best for us…

So what….

Fear is a mechanism of defense. It is our brain trying to keep us safe. Trying to secure our safety by not stepping into unknown paths.

Should we ignore this mechanism? Hell no..

We should use it so we dont take those steps without caution but we should definitely take them..

Ever seen a toddler learning to walk on its own? If he takes a fall it will take longer for him to get back up and walk.. that is the defense mechanism of his small brain saving him from pain..

Does he stay in fear for a long time? The curiosity of exploring the world is much bigger than the fear of getting hurt.

Dont be afraid to get hurt. Be cautious but take the risks.

Love without fear of getting hurt.

Explore the world without fear.

Live life to your full potential and enjoy every single step along the way.

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The path is to be taken cautiously but without such fear that it stops us from actually taking it.

Use fear for your benefit…

surrounded by fog… dont panic

Driving up the mountain we get surrounded by fog and even though we know the direction we are heading, it is quite easy to panic.
To stop and wonder where to go next….
Just a few meters back we new where to go and now we are stopped wondering, clueless…

Has the road changed?
Did we suddenly forget where we were heading?
Or are we just overwhelmed by the surrounding fog?

Sometimes there are circumstances that can be so overwhelming that make us actually loose track of that what it is we are heading for.

When we get surrounded by fog the worst thing to do is panic, start heading in every direction..
Instead the best way is to take a deep breath, look around and keep focus on the destination you had before getting surrounded.
Step by step, slowly keep going and feel the ground below with every step taken.
Cautious keep going until you walk out, the skies open and the road ahead is visible.


Anyone driving down the road in the fog and mist has experienced that same frustrating feeling. High beam on or off?
Get blinded by the reflection of the light but see just a little bit more of the road in front or see less and focus more, maybe going slower but still going.

And that is exactly what needs to be done and what we have done today as we were driving up the mounting, getting not only surrounded by fog but also immersed in the white scenery that makes it hard to determine where the edge of the road is…
Still we knew where to go and more cautious that is where we have gone.

Sometimes we tend to get lost in the fog inside our head, we panic and start going in every direction except the correct one.
We get so overwhelmed by it we no longer think, no longer are able to take that deep breath and take baby steps ahead, going forward…
And when the fog clears we tend to find ourselves in an entire different situation than that what we were aiming for.


Dont panic and dont loose track of that what you want.

There will be struggle and there will be days of storm and fog.

There will also be days of sunshine.

Make sure you dont get lost in the fog though or those sunny days wont be as fabulous as you initially had hoped for.



nature´s lessons

As I drove back to the hotel after a days work on a windfarm close to Mora, dalarna in Sweden… I realized something….

First all I saw was the snow and ice, the sun setting and night falling. Driving to Mora without even thinking about the amazing view and its amazing lesson.

Sometime we tend to brake down with all the trouble and darkness that sets upon us and our lives. We dont think about anything on that moment and just give in. Thinking that there is no way out, thinking it is not fair and crying, asking why us, why is this happening.

What we dont realize is that no matter how bad things seem to be, if it hasnt killed us it will make us stronger…
Sometimes we need to shake it off and sometimes we need to let the universe shake it off for us..and untill this happens we need to bare the cross, embrace it, make it part of our lives and continue to stand tall until the universe finds a way to get rid of it.

See it doesnt matter how much we struggle against a fight we know we cant win.
So why struggle?
Why waste energy?

If it is something we know we can change, we can fight. Than by all means give it all youve got and fight hard..

I realized this looking at these trees on the picture above.
See how they are covered in ice and snow, branches bending down from the weight of the snow…
These trees cant fight the snow. They cant simply shake it of.

So do they fall down and give up?

They just bite the bullet and stand tall.
Take the weight and wait till better days come.
And when those days come and the snow melts…. these same tress will stand tall, even taller and their branches that are bend over now will be even greener then ever before.

We need to learn from nature..
For how bad it might seem.. If it doesnt kill us straight away, if we know there is nothing we can do to fight our sorrow… stand tall and take it. embrace and wait for better days..


The sun shines brighter after a storm…

Sweden in the winter 

Another winter in Sweden. 

How beautiful it is… The snow and ice coverer trees. The sun sets and sun rises.. 

Firsr I have ever travelled to this country was in 2010 and I still remember sitting at home wondering about how cold it could actually get. 

It gets pretty cold in the winter.  

But on the other hand the beautiful scenery has no price tag on it.  And even though you will freeze to death it is still worth going out for a walk and absorve all that surrounds you. 

Would definitely recommend anyone to spend a winter in Sweden.. The more north you go the better it gets. 

Travelling man

Why do we tend to limit our lifes when it comes to work and professional choices? 

What is it that limits us to the area we live in when we try to find work?

Is it that we are afraid of stepping out of that comfort zone or are we just not open for othe possibilities such as travelling?  Either that be to move completely or to travel back and forward. 

Yes it is hard to build a family and yes it a lonely life on both the one who travels as the one who stays back home. Children grow up with a father only every now and then.  Wifes are only hugged every noe and then. 

It is a hard life but so is that mediocre life with little amount of money where every day is a struggle and quite often we come home so tired from everything that the only thing on our mind is to sleep. 

Money is not everything but unfortunately in most countries it is a fact.  Families struggle to pay bills.  People struggle to get by and during those moments there is nothing else on their mind but to find a way to pay the rent. 

So what do you do?  If that opportunity knocks on the door and you as a husband will have to travel? 

From my own experience that is exactly what you need to do. Pack your bags and go. 

But don’t leave.. Go for work.  Make a living but never leave. 

Here lies the difference between a happy life where one has to travel and a broken marriage because one had to travel. 

Don’t leave.  Don’t neglect. 

Keep daily contact.  Stay present.. Nowadays with modern technology this easy. 

And when you do come back home forget about those that do not matter.  Embrace and spoil your wife,  your children. Spend quality time with them. 

This a key factor to keep a relationship healthy.  Specifically when you are traveling. 

I am traveling for 10 years now and I will stop soon.  Buy until then I will not,  actually I refuse to neglect those that mean something to me. Those that I work for.  And I never forget that it is even harder for them when I am not around. 

Embrace life ad it comes but never forget and neglect those around you.  The ones that are truly important. 

Pub buddies will always be there.  And will aleays be at the same spot as when you leave.  

A wife and children may not be there some day. And when the fire is not fed it burns out. 

A will snap if the sprocket is not lubricated.  Love will do the same if not fed.