Sometimes I wonder why we tend to become superstitious whenever we can’t explain something that is hapening.
Is it easier to put the blame on something not natural just because we can’t explain it?

Where is our faith in God when we start to look for answers in other entities other than God himself?

The moment you claim that something unexplained is happening due to a demon (either it be invoked by other humen beings or simply by dark energies) you are turning your back on God.

Those that claim to be religious ate quite often the first ones to blame dark energies, trying to find those answers.

Then there is the issue of those supposed dark energies that are causing the situation.

Are we not feeding those same energies by stating them and speaking out loud about them?

I admit somethings are hard to explain. Some events in life we cant simply put our finger on it and explain. But that doesnt necessarily mean it is a dark force. It is simply something that can’t be explained yet.

We need to have more faith. Believe more in ourselves. 

If there is some issues in our lifes that is causing pain and struggle is needed every day, than maybe it is time to draw a line, make new plans, work on them slowly and change our lives.

No use blaming something when the answer is our hands. It sounds easy to use this and blame your misfortune… it wont change your life though.

Have faith and work for it. Maybe you need to rethink and replan it a couple of times. Change route but never your destiny.

Don’t hold back. Tomorrow might never come

Some times we tend to hold back on feelings, emotions… We stop and consider what we need to say and do in order to possibly say or do the correct thing.

Yet we fail to realize how by doing so we are failing to be true and say what needs to be said.

This been said, doesn’t mean we need to turn into egocentric evil wrong doers that hurt everything and everyone around us.

I am talking about holding back on positive constructive emotions that will actually help us become better human beings.

Negative and harmful thoughts we should consider very well before putting them out there. Quite often those hard words are nothing but a reaction of fear, not what we really want to say, a mere reality of our defence mechanism that takes over and controls the situation.

Don’t hold back on saying and being a better husband, wife, lover, father, mother,  friend, brother, sister.  Don’t hold back on being a better human.

Think like this…..

Tomorrow might never come.  Write your thoughts on what if you die tonight and use those note to improve.


When Biggie Smalls wrote suicidal thoughts it wasn’t a suicidal note. It was a moment of realising how bad he had been and what he needed to improve.

You can only fix that what you can recognize for yourself. Those around you might tell you what they feel is wrong but not until you see it for yourself will you be able to change.

What if I die tonight? What will I leave behind, what have I not done or said

Live today, don’t hold back



💯 % is for the weak

So many claim they go all the way. They give it their best, all their effort….

Só many fail and never start again. Give up and walk away.

100% is for the weak, for the ones that almost did it, almost got it.

You want some you go and get it. Fight like your life depends on it and never give up.

In the ring it is not always the one that has trained more or longer that wins. The one with most hunger to win refuses to get beaten. He refuses to give up and give in into the pain of the blows to his head..

Determination takes more than giving 100%.

Determination means that you are willing to loose it all in order to gain something. It also means that’s if you do fall you are so hungry for success that you won’t walk away.

Giving 100% is an excuse for failing.

Want a happy life with a loving partner than you better give it all. 100% would be just enough but not all you have to give.

Want to be good at your job.. Study it and perform more and better than the colleagues that also give “100%”.

See the difference between all you have and all that is tolerated and framed as 100%?

The mind set of a lion is kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten.


Live like your life depends on it.

Chase your dreams and goals like you would die if you fail.

Get up and never give in.



Sometimes we get caught up in the routine of life. Focused on our daily habits, either it be us enforcing it upon ourselves or just the simply routine of work and so called adult responsibility. We get so used to that clock that we actually forget to enjoy.

Living life without fear and to the fullest we need to let go.

That doesn’t mean we loose focus or forget about our goals and whatnot it simply means we need to let the day flow without being controlled by a clock, by time.

Time is timeless when you don’t get controlled by it.

However it can also be a prison when you let a clock control life.

Taking some days off, away from clocks and sharp routines. Teaches us that even though we seem to loose control we are still able to follow and keep our habits and goals.  We don’t loose focus we simply loose the ropes that tie us down.


Time is priceless. Life is timeless.

Do you really want to see life pass by due to a clock that controls you..

Stay focused and enjoy every step of that stairway to heaven..

Above the clouds

Above the clouds there is a place for our dreams, for our desires.

Above the clouds we can dream of kings and queens. It is were we can set our imagination free, forget the sorrow and dream of prosperity. Above the clouds we can be invincible, gods of our own world… we can dream of greatness

Even though we might be surrounded by fog and mist, the sun will still shine above all of that.

For fog is temporary and it will dissipate sooner or later… don’t give up just yet.

Rise above the clouds and claim victory. The journey alone will be worth it…

Coffee your life….

A cup of coffee to start the day…

Coffee is used in a million different ways and there are even more reasons and excuses to have a cup of coffee.

There is one though that is often forgotten about.

How about adding coffee to your life?

Yes… Coffee your life.

Coffee is one of the most predominat flavour you can add to beverages or food. Have a glass of milk and add coffee to it, see what happens. In sauces, add some coffee and taste the difference.

So embracing this, add coffee…

Remember that you can have a bad cup of coffee. Bitter, dark, burned, that tastes awfull and no matter how much milk, cream or sugar you will add it will still taste bad.

But you can also have a good cup of coffee. That gives you more energy, warms you up and gives you that comforting feeling to carry on. Where there is nothing you need to add. It tastes good as it is.

In life you can have bad, hard and harsh feelings that will poison you and everything you touch.

But you can also enjoy and focus on the good feelings. Even if they are small like a short expresso, they still taste wonderfull.

Coffe your life with that good tasting, comforting cup of coffee that will flavour up your universe and enjoy every little moment.

Drinking a cup of morning joe with the ones you care about is a special gift in life.

Embrace and enjoy itimages (4)

What does it take…

Ever wonder what it takes to brake us? What is necessary for an individual to go through so he can realize that he is only a small step away from failure….

Sometimes we forget to realize how our own actions are stopping us from being happy, feeling good about ourselves and our lives.

It all seems to go so good that we stop focussing on what we have and start focussing only and just on what we want.

And even though we might be going about happy and moving forward towards personal success we seem to forget about that what is in front of us…


So when we hit the floor we should blame only ourselves for not being able to realize this in time.

What does it take?

What makes us stop and realize when we have gone too far?

For me it is the feeling of loosing. Loosing that what I so much want and fight for.

When I come to that point that I realize my fate and future depends no longer on me, because I have destroyed it by giving in to my own fears, because I have drowned myself in my own sick whirpool of fears inside head.

images (2)

That is when I realize and come to reason. When I stop being hard on not only those around me but on myself as well.

And than what…

I believe that at this moment there ate 2 choices.

Either you choose to be hard on yourself and carry on or you simple give up on those fears and truly live life without fears.

I choose to live without fears. To surrender and trust that one person that despite of it all chose to stay…

images (1).jpg

We can choose to be what the past has shown us and taught us. Ot we can choose to grow.

Life and god will throw some hard lessons at us and some will be hard to deal with. But the best ones are the ones that stay and help us grow.

I have recently come to realize this. And that I was my own suicide bomber of my own life. Hurting the ones around me, but killing myself along the way.

What does it take to wake up? Do we really need to die? Or just our fears?





Go beyond….

At some stage in life we need to make a decision.

Either stay were we feel safe. Live by and with that what we know so well or we chance it and go further.

It’s the hardest choice we might need to make. But what is it we are afraid of when facing that dilemma?

Don’t take action and we stay there where we are so familiar. Feel safe and some might even enjoy staying here, comfortable and safe. But the problem arises not because we feel safe but because in our mind we will always be questioning ourselves… what is? What would we have been like?

Choose to move on, step into unfamiliar grounds and we need to deal with our own defense mechanism. This can stop us from going into new grounds. Srepping into the unfamiliar.

So what to do?

transferir (3)

Go beyond that what you think is your limit. Go beyond that what people around you say is possible…

Don’t be afraid. Just take that step and stand behind your choice.

Just make sure that you take the correct choice by trusting your gut.

If it feels good. Go for it.

Go beyond the horizon. Break through your pain barrier and you will be surprised…

New horizons will come. Your pain barrier will be raised and you will be able to take more, you will grow stronger.


Go beyond your dreams and live them.

Use fear…

How many of us have been living in fear..  Fear of the future, fear of the past that keeps on haunting us during the present.

Fear of being alone, fear of sharing our lifes. Fear of not fitting in, fear of getting lost in the crowd.

Covered in fear every single step, every choice that needs to be taken is harder to take. Torn up between the what if, we get lost in the why not….

So during life we need to take decisions and not always are they going to be the best for us…

So what….

Fear is a mechanism of defense. It is our brain trying to keep us safe. Trying to secure our safety by not stepping into unknown paths.

Should we ignore this mechanism? Hell no..

We should use it so we dont take those steps without caution but we should definitely take them..

Ever seen a toddler learning to walk on its own? If he takes a fall it will take longer for him to get back up and walk.. that is the defense mechanism of his small brain saving him from pain..

Does he stay in fear for a long time? The curiosity of exploring the world is much bigger than the fear of getting hurt.

Dont be afraid to get hurt. Be cautious but take the risks.

Love without fear of getting hurt.

Explore the world without fear.

Live life to your full potential and enjoy every single step along the way.

images (1)

The path is to be taken cautiously but without such fear that it stops us from actually taking it.

Use fear for your benefit…

Be childish…

So when do we stop being children and start acting like an adult?transferir (1)

Why do we even stop certain childish behavior and start to act like adults?

Of course we need to face reality with all its hidden dangers and tricks. All the things we thought we were prepared for but never really were. Assuming a stand against the world and create our own future.

But should we really forget about how it was when we were children?

Should we stop having fun?images

Some say that a child doesnt see the real world and that is why they seem like they dont care about anything but being happy.

is this true?

As a child we see everything bigger, harder. Every little detail is a major obstacle in life and a child fears. They fear a lot yet they dont stop to be reasonable. They explore knowing that the grown ups have their back.

They laugh without fear. Cry without shame. Call eachother liers and curse without any thought behind it.

They live and feel every single emotion without the fear of being looked down at.

Is this really so bad?

Should we not face our duties but still smile when needed, cry when we feel sad?

Where or at what stage does this get such a big deal that we become so afraid of what others think that we actually surpress our own feelings?

Feel like a child.

Cry and laugh like one.

Even the stubbornness of a child is a lot healthier than the giving up attitude we as an adult tend to develope.

Try and tell a child he or she cant do something they really want and you will experience true determination. Even if it means they have  scream their lungs off. They will not stop untill that goal is achieved.

Be a childish adult….transferir