💯 % is for the weak

So many claim they go all the way. They give it their best, all their effort….

Só many fail and never start again. Give up and walk away.

100% is for the weak, for the ones that almost did it, almost got it.

You want some you go and get it. Fight like your life depends on it and never give up.

In the ring it is not always the one that has trained more or longer that wins. The one with most hunger to win refuses to get beaten. He refuses to give up and give in into the pain of the blows to his head..

Determination takes more than giving 100%.

Determination means that you are willing to loose it all in order to gain something. It also means that’s if you do fall you are so hungry for success that you won’t walk away.

Giving 100% is an excuse for failing.

Want a happy life with a loving partner than you better give it all. 100% would be just enough but not all you have to give.

Want to be good at your job.. Study it and perform more and better than the colleagues that also give “100%”.

See the difference between all you have and all that is tolerated and framed as 100%?

The mind set of a lion is kill or be killed. Eat or be eaten.


Live like your life depends on it.

Chase your dreams and goals like you would die if you fail.

Get up and never give in.




Sometimes we get caught up in the routine of life. Focused on our daily habits, either it be us enforcing it upon ourselves or just the simply routine of work and so called adult responsibility. We get so used to that clock that we actually forget to enjoy.

Living life without fear and to the fullest we need to let go.

That doesn’t mean we loose focus or forget about our goals and whatnot it simply means we need to let the day flow without being controlled by a clock, by time.

Time is timeless when you don’t get controlled by it.

However it can also be a prison when you let a clock control life.

Taking some days off, away from clocks and sharp routines. Teaches us that even though we seem to loose control we are still able to follow and keep our habits and goals.  We don’t loose focus we simply loose the ropes that tie us down.


Time is priceless. Life is timeless.

Do you really want to see life pass by due to a clock that controls you..

Stay focused and enjoy every step of that stairway to heaven..


The art of sculpting your body.

Not necessarily into perfect shape or condition, this is a personal opinion and view. That what is the perfect shape and physique for me might be opposite for someone else.

Bodybuilding with all its different categories is nothing else but the art of creating your perfect shape according to your own desire.

It is a metamorphosis that is not only hard on your body but also on your mind.

It takes sacrifices, effort and hard work.


How bad do you want it? How hard are you willing to work for it?

See, it doenst matter if you are natural or on the juice, you still need to put in the hard work, still need to focus on diet.

All the family is sitting at the table and you are on your diet? Girlfriend wants a night out but you need to bring your next meal? How about planning holidays when you need to maintain the workout and your diet?

It is socially excluding yourself just because you have a personal goal….

Are you ready to take that step? Is your spouse ready for that?

This is the hardest part. Training is easy. Maintaining the diet is not bad if you forget about the above issues…

Than comes the various phases.

Bulking. When at some point you feel fat, dont want to eat and still have to force it. Getting tired all the time just because you are getting bigger and it takes more effort to move around.

Cutting. In the first week you feel dizzy, headaches because you are eating far below of what you should. Feeling weak and still having to train. Going to bed feeling hungry. Eating and 5 minutes later you are starving.

Are you ready for this.

Are you obsessed enough to keep going?

I’m not even going to touch the juice issue. That is a personal choice and you better be damn sure about it before picking up that needle, because there is not backing off after that.

Bodybuilding is to me the most beautiful sport. It requires the most focus and obsession. It is also something you carry on your shoulder and everyone can see. It reflects the most beautiful way of leading your live and chasing your dreams.

But it is a hard live of sacrifices and discipline.

Are you willing to go for it?

Are you willing to fight?

Step into this world and work hard.



Go beyond….

At some stage in life we need to make a decision.

Either stay were we feel safe. Live by and with that what we know so well or we chance it and go further.

It’s the hardest choice we might need to make. But what is it we are afraid of when facing that dilemma?

Don’t take action and we stay there where we are so familiar. Feel safe and some might even enjoy staying here, comfortable and safe. But the problem arises not because we feel safe but because in our mind we will always be questioning ourselves… what is? What would we have been like?

Choose to move on, step into unfamiliar grounds and we need to deal with our own defense mechanism. This can stop us from going into new grounds. Srepping into the unfamiliar.

So what to do?

transferir (3)

Go beyond that what you think is your limit. Go beyond that what people around you say is possible…

Don’t be afraid. Just take that step and stand behind your choice.

Just make sure that you take the correct choice by trusting your gut.

If it feels good. Go for it.

Go beyond the horizon. Break through your pain barrier and you will be surprised…

New horizons will come. Your pain barrier will be raised and you will be able to take more, you will grow stronger.


Go beyond your dreams and live them.

motivation era

seems we have hit a new era… a motivational one…

It doesnt take much to realize how motivational slogans are being misused and abused. Just log on to any social network and you will be bombed with motivational slogans. Famous people that have risen from poverty into rich strong men and women.

These slogans are being thrown around like a free ticket into richness and success.

Yet most of the times when these are shared or liked on social network sites, the ones doing that fail to realize the true message that lies within them.

It doesnt matter how many time you share a slogan, it doenst matter how many time you tell yourself that if anything in your life needs to change it is only up to yourself to change and fight for it.
You can read all of these and memorize them all you want, you can even believe that by saying so things will change…

But have you actually read and understood the message?

Do you actually think that these guys have been walking around shouting all these slogans? Or have sat down and thought what they could say that later on would be used to motivate?

Instead of wasting time on social network sites claiming slogans that hopefully will help you get motivated…. go out there and grind.. do the work. work hard until you reach your goal and than set another one an fight for that one.

Work in silence.
Let your actions, your changes in your own life speak for you.
Dont waste time on anything expect for reaching that goal. whatever it is….

When you work in silence other people wont notice you and wont try to influence you with their own doubts and envy.
When you work in silence you simply dont have time to post these things.

Why loose time and energy on something that wont help you?

I am not saying that these slogans are evil and you shouldnt even read them or use them.

I am saying that you should use them.
Use rhem to motivate yourself, to know that it is possible…

Just dont use them to convince other people that you are motivated. Who cares about the others anyway?

I dont care about what others might say or think…
You see me at the gym I have my headphones on, hoodie on…grinding

Do I read these slogans? Do I need and find them usefull? yes I do.

I just dont need to tell the world how motivated I am. My actions and the way I life speaks for it self.


Stop wasting time talking about it and spend more time working on it..

You will be amazed to see how much more time you will have to actually work on your on motivation and stay motivated.

Social network sites are to socialize as in keeping in touch with friends and so on. Stop trying to show something you are not on these site.

It is your life. you fight for it. No one needs to know….


seems like everyone wants to be one but not many are actually willing to be one.

How many times have you walked into the gym and see that guy pushing weights, focussed and training hard? That one guy that seems to do it all but blows it all on the weekend.
Puts in the effort to workout but when it comes to dieting… Well lets just say that being carefull with what you eat isnt going to do it.

Bodybuilding, just like everything else in life is about all in. You want results and I am talking about results not about being fitter.. I am talking about being big…. It is a package. It is all in.

It reflects on a lot more aspects of life in general. People want something but dont go all in. dont do what needs to be done..

Some might say that I am obsessed and do too much. I say “so what”. Let me be obsessed, let me go all the way, let me put in all the effort.
What is wrong with being obsessed.. It is a lot better than being average, being just like the rest.

Bodybuilding is a full package; exercise, diet, suplements.
It is a constant focus and hard work. There are no days off, there are no excuses.. You go in, put in the work. Make sure your diet is correct and on time, supplement correctly and keep doing it. Day in day out.
No shortcuts… Is that not what life is all about?

I see bodybuilding as a way of growing. In all aspects. It helps me and for sure will help everyone else to grow mentally.
Nowadays people lack focus, they want everything fast and for free.. There is no effort put into anything at all and when there is a little resistance… Most quit.

bodybuilding doesnt give you the chance to quit or go half way.. It is all in or nothing at all and it takes time, sweat and hard work….

Learn how to put all that into your life goals and keep moving forward. Stay focussed.

Some people look at bodybuilders and see big buff men or women, some might say that we are ugly, shoot steroids and all and kill ourselfs….
What people dont see is the effort and the mental growth that we need to aquire in order to achieve all of that…
Supplements are bad for my health? What about the abuse of booze and tabaco…

Life is a complicated cycle of choices… who do you choose to be?

I choose to be a bodybuilder.. Next year I will be on stage with as much muscle mass as I can get…
Do I take gear.. You damn sure I do… is it correct? maybe not.. But I will do anything necessary to achieve my dreams.. and no one is going to talk me out off it..

my life