speaking in silence kills slowly

Like a thick cloud it creeps up from underneath and grabs hold, leaves you clueless of what direction to proceed.
Run away to uncertainty or keep holding on to that small and fragile grip that keeps you in balance.
Silently life seems to drain away as you are left behind clueless.
Shouting for a familiar voice, grasping for an arm embracing you that will drag you out of the swamp.

The silent grip of the mist, it does not announce itself.
Creeps up from those familiar grounds, known so well
It is what makes it even more treacherous as you might feel secure, even though you can no longer see where you are stepping on.

Eventually it will pass, but what will be left is unknown.

Blow that mist away. A draft, even small, is all it takes.



life´s biggest lesson

life biggest and most important lesson must be

“Learn To Let Go”

Just like a young lion cup needs to let go and hunt for himself. Like the young bird lets go and jumps into his first flight….

We need to learn how to let go.

As kids exploring the world we can only truly learn when we let go and when our parents let us go.

So as parents this is the most important teaching and lesson to our next generation.
It is so big that throughout our lives we are constantly challenged with it.
Either it be in a dispute on work or private, letting go of negative feelings and thoughts is the only way to move forward.

A lion hunting cant hang on to anger or resentment when his pray gets away. He lets go and moves onto the next pray.

Letting go of the past so the future can be great. Failing to do this will keep us in the same old fearfully daily life routine that we try to get away from.

Letting go does not mean that we go into the world alone and cut relations with loved or close ones. It means we let go of bad and negative feeling and thoughts.

As we get older life lessons start to have meaning.
No longer do we simply roam around clueless. We now reflect and adjust. Learn from errors and mistakes and move on into a better version of ourself.

Being greatfull for all life events, all lessons I cannot leave behind the ones that step into my world and help me become a better person.

Learn to let go.
Learn to let go of the past and fears from the past so the future is in the next step. A better future full of colour.

lion cup


Embrace your life

Trapped in daily life we fail sometimes to look around.
surrounded by beauty taken for granted sometimes, untill we see strangers stepping on our land.
amazed by the same beauty we see every day.

only difference is they don’t take it for granted.

just because it is daily routine it doesn’t mean it looses it’s beauty and wonderfulness.
the same that attracted us in the beginning is still there.
it is now part of us and that makes it even more intense.

look around and embrace those that are part of you. recognizing their value embrace it and you will find something new everyday.

life is a journey.
don’t loose sight of the wonderfulness around you, even it it seems insignificant and small, trying to look for someone else’s views and idea.

build your own castle

Walk your own path

A path, a road to something beyond your imagination.
is it worth getting into?
even though you can’t see the road ahead, even though it might seem hard, there is only one way…
keep going and find paradise..

afraid to step forward and fall we might ask others for their opinion, for their view.
but that is just what it is.. their view.

don’t be afraid to slip, even if someone has tripped on this path.
walk your own path to success.
enlighten your world with your own steps and pursue to success.

don’t build your castle on someone else’s image.

op zoek naar….

the truth.jpg

Op zoek naar antwoorden
probeer niet teveel te denken
om zo mijn illusies niet te vermoorden
wat kan het dan toch ook schelen
als je voor niets leeft, geen dromen
soms is het teveel. het zal wel goed komen
probeer mezelf op te been te houden
maar kijk om me heen, niemand om te vertrouwen

Op zoek naar een antwoord, een licht aan het eind
ik richt me tot God, kijk naar boven en vraag
wanneer komt het goed, wanneer verdwijnt
deze wolk om me heen, wil alleen maar rust
om me heen. ben ervan best bewust
dat ik degene ben die daar voor moet zorgen
een arm om me heen, troost.
en mijn geesten ver opgeborgen
is dat een deal? is dat beloofd

Op zoek naar een antwoord vergeten we te vragen
soms doen we iets stoms en kunnen we alleen klagen
op zoek naar het paradijs, laten we achter
ons eigen geluk. we zijn ons eigen leven aan het verkrachten
meer en meer we willen meer. we willen alles
op zoek naar de top vergeten we weleens de bases
een antwoord op iets dat niet uit te leggen valt
geef meer waarde. leef meer. pas op je verknalt
je eigen antwoord op zoek naar de waarheid
geef alles van je. ben je daarvoor bereid?

Op zoek naar een antwoord je leven aan het instorten
blijf niet te lang stilstaan, wil niet wegrotten
soms denken we teveel, je moet doorgaan
kijk om je heen maar blijf niet te lang stilstaan
observeer anderen maar doe ze niet na
je bent uniek. Leef niet in een anders dogma.

Op zoek naar een antwoord vergeet niet te leven
Op zoek naar een antwoord vergeet niet het heden



Clear blue waters

A blue lake with clear waters, enchanting, charming and welcoming.
As I look into it I drown, I surrender to what is to become.
A breeze, a feeling… something draws my attention.
I embrace it and let myself be carried away in that warm and familiar stream, it takes hold of me.

Once I have dreamt about this. Many times thought I had seen it. But not untill I fell into this lake could I ever imagined the wonderfulness of it.

Now I no longer despair, no longer cry in fear. Now I am one with that true feeling, now I am one…

A warm stream that surrounds me, gives me hope, comfort and well being. Takes my breath, fulfills my core with life…

A lake.
A blue lake with still waters that hypnotizes me whenever I look into it.
There where I jump into, unafraid of drowning…


As vezes precisamos de parar para pensar, para sentir…

As vezes o melhor e seguir em frente e não dar tempo a respirar.

Mas nunca devemos deixar de ser quem somos, de sentir quem esta connosco.

Nem sempre aqueles que estão dizem ou fazem aquilo que pensamos ou queremos. No entanto se estão connosco é por gostarem e por vontade própria.

Tal como o individuo tem e cria sua opinião, tem e deve aceitar e reflectir sobre a opinião de outro, mesmo que seja diferente ou aparentemente contrária a sua.

Pedir a Deus e agradecer tudo o que nos dá e tudo o que nos ensina. Ai esta a chave de saber viver. Não é consentir ou permitir que vivamos com menos do que realmente poderiamos alcancar, aceitar isso como destino final. É sim agradecer por tudo o que está neste momento e tudo que está em movimento para nos dar um melhor e maior alcance de realização própria.

Nem sempre materialista, nem sempre sentimentalista mas de certeza que nos elevara ao próximo passo.

Podemos sonhar, podemos tentar forçar ate podemos ludibriar mas para que algo mude, cresça e se crie, temos que pisar todos os degraus no caminho.

Criar um plano e formar um caminho para alcancar o sonho deve ter todos os passos necessários. Tal como uma criança para começar a andar terá que primeiramente aprender a se levantar, para criar e ganhar força nas suas pernas.. nossos sonhos e nossa vida deveria tomar as mesmas diretrizes, devemos adoptar o mesmo método.

Deus não nos meteu aqui para apenas sermos gado, um número e nada mais. Ao longo da vida teremos que passar por algumas lições, umas mais dolorosas que outras, ate chegarmos a nirvana.

Por vezes ate lições não aprendidas em vidas passadas.

Metendo a fé em Deus, focados com alcançar o nosso objectivo devemos tomar rumo para o êxito.

As pessoas que cruzarem o nosso caminho chegam e vão na altura certa, quando precisamos e por vezes ate para que mais tarde em outras circunstâncias nos venham a proporcionar uma situação de vida propícia aos novos encontros.

Intuição diz muito e muitas vezes deixamos de o seguir por teimosia. Intuição é como a mão de um anjo protetor a guiar-nos para outro caminho. Tal como um coach não é quem enfrenta a luta mas sim quem prepara e encaminha.

Devemos seguir esse sentimento. Devemos traçar os nossos planos de vida e trabalhar para eles. Sem desviar para a esquerda ou direita seguir o caminho, tal como a passar pelo vale da morte não devemos desviar mas apenas seguir pela fé.

Karma ajuda-nos a aprender as lições mais duras, geralmente se mostra nas situações mais sombrias. Porém está sempre na nossa vida. Age conforme queres que ajam contigo e terás uma vida mais tranquila.

Vive a vida. Sente tudo e não tenhas medo de expressar, desde que não expressas sentimentos de raiva sobre os quais sabes e ntenacionalmente os expressas para ferir. Ai o karma voltara a ensinar te.

Atrai e irradia paz e boa energia. Não deixes que te pisem neste mundo egoísta. Segue sempre em frente e não temas.. Deus esta a olhar por nós.

Today, tomorrow… today, yesterday…

Today we spend time and energy thinking and planning for tomorrow
Tomorrow we will think back in analysis of our actions today.

Tomorrow is what we do today. Tomorrow today will be yesterday.
We are what we do now, a reflection of our actions now.

There is no time more important than now. What will be depends on what is now.
There is no bigger importance in yesterday than a mere remembrance that we can learn from. Yet again today is when we are able to change, if changes are needed.

This doesn’t justify reckless behaviour under the flag of living fast, enjoying life with deathly behaviour nor does it mean that we have to live with no goals and guidance.
images (2)
Just dont spend too much time on what will be. Dont let negative past experiences define what you are today.
It doesnt matter how old or young you are. What sex you are. How complicated your life seems to be (complicated is when we make an issue of an issue).
It really doesnt matter…

Know what you want. Define that what you want to achieve and work towards that.
Dont be fooled by a dog day in a life time that is still to be lived.
Dont dwell on the past. Use it for tomorrow.
Dont push things and persons away because of fear for what might or might not come.

Embrace today and live today.

There is no tomorrow if today is not lived.
Tomorrow there will be no past if today has not been lived

Time is subjective to what we make of it…

Live now, dream for tomorrow but take those steps now…

Stand up

Can you feel that? Listen carefull, and feel the change… what it was is nothing but a remembrance

A cold breeze creeping. Trembling I wonder who has summoned this, thinking….

Was it faith, was it me? How can this be….

Grabbing a fist full of earth, dirt that dissolves as I try to hold on. Where is it pulling me? Will I be gone?…is this a sign, a new life a rebirth…

This wind has a mind of its own, it will take me if I let myself go and dont fight. It will scar me if I let it take the lead. need to hang tight. Is it permanent how strong has it grown..

Refuse to feel. I kneel down. refocus….Deny it for what it is. Don’t want this, never wished for a storm. Could I only know I will not blow away, rather fly up to a better stay.

How much more can one fight. It might seem to be passing. But the force is forcing one to fall. Will he one day stand tall. Proud he shouts out loud… I will never give in, will get back up and take whats mine…