Can you feel that? Listen carefull, and feel the change… what it was is nothing but a remembrance

A cold breeze creeping. Trembling I wonder who has summoned this, thinking….

Was it faith, was it me? How can this be….

Grabbing a fist full of earth, dirt that dissolves as I try to hold on. Where is it pulling me? Will I be gone?…is this a sign, a new life a rebirth…

This wind has a mind of its own, it will take me if I let myself go and dont fight. It will scar me if I let it take the lead. need to hang tight. Is it permanent how strong has it grown..

Refuse to feel. I kneel down. refocus….Deny it for what it is. Don’t want this, never wished for a storm. Could I only know I will not blow away, rather fly up to a better stay.

How much more can one fight. It might seem to be passing. But the force is forcing one to fall. Will he one day stand tall. Proud he shouts out loud… I will never give in, will get back up and take whats mine…


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