Far away a house is standing tall, alone on a hill. It has been built strong, like a castle some say.

A house that outstands the elements.
Wind, rain, hail, snow or sun has little effect on it.
A storm might hang above and it will not fall. 

It has taken years to built it and it has grown to be a mighty sight.
Portraying strength, yet some scars can be seen when looked closer and when one looks inside one can feel the loneliness.

This castle represents for many strenght and shelter, but those same ones fail to protect it, fail to take care of it.
It needs attention for it has been neglected for years.
Those habitating it have always considered it to be so strong that simple maintenance work has always been put back.

A crack in a wall.
A roof tile that has sheered off during the last storm is starting to take its toll.

Some day.
Years from now it shall be famous as an historical monument. Thousands will want to see and feel the mighty power it radiated once, many years ago.
Many will invest time and effort, will try to keep the last walls from collapsing. 

For the wrong reason this castle is forced to stay up.
Try and keep it standing, just so more tourist can see it, just so more can make use of it without really carrying or simply let it fall?


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