A train left the station. It has been 38 stops ago since he climbed on.

Now looking outside into the world he sees unknown familiarity. A world that he knows, yet is not known to.

He is but a passanger, he can not control the train for it is driven by forces not known to him.
Some have sat besides him on his lonely seat. Few though and even fewer have stayed for more that one stop.

How he lingers for companion on that lonely ride. He can hear laughs and talking from the other carriages. Some sound so familiar yet, some have even sat in his cariage manny stops back.

Almost 7 stops back one soul has sat in his cariage and has not left since. Sometimes looks outside and asks for comfort around his arms as the world outside is yet to be discovered. But most of the time that soul is exploring the carriage. He looks over and sees the curiosity building up. Knowing that one even that soul will leave and find its own carriage.

Recently someone has stepped in and he hopes for that companion to stay till the last stop. Yet the tracks are bumpy and sometimes discouraging for anyone else that is not used to this lonely and bumpy track. 

Sitting back, he sinks into his seat. Hopes that that force driving this train knows the way and doesn’t drive into a cliff.

Somewhere far away he can see the tracks going up.
Into heaven.
There are yet manny stops until that and the world between seems to change a lot.

A passenger in the train. Not knowing where or when the ride will end. Living stop by stop. Lingering for a smooth companious ride.

This passenger is driven by God 


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