Time to re-organize your time.

If you have no time your are either waisting time or not appreciating it for what it is.

There is no timebank, you can’t deposit some of it and claim it back later. Once the minute, hour, day is gone you will never get it back.

It all comes down to priorities.

It is after all your time. Not someone elses.

If you are asked to attend a meeting, course, gathering it is you who is chosing to dedicate your time for that event. 

So chose wisely….

Spend time at home, or go out to a club?

Remember that you won’t get it back and you arent able to devide in two and be in two different places.

Organize your life, your day. Maybe you need to spend less time on PlayStation, Xbox or what ever. Sit down and decide what is most important in your life.

Students that dont find the time for studying but are out all weekend partying…

Men that dont find the time to spend with their wifes and children but go out fishing, motorbike ridding…

Women that dont have time to spend with their husband and children but are out with friends having a few laughs…

Time is gone even before you have a chance to use it. It isn’t something you can grab or buy more… 

It is gone before you have even seen it.

So use it wisely. Do all those things that you like. Just make sure you do it organized so you spend your time with everyone instead of finding excuses all the time…


2 thoughts on “Time to time your time

  1. Thank you for sharing such good note. It really has taught me a lot.
    Well done! I hope this post of yours helps people across WordPress!


  2. I discovered you from First Friday. Love this post! Valuing time this way is such a wise perspective. Whenever someone finds themselves saying they do not have time, they need to stop and think about this.


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