It might be true that we need to fight for our dreams and that sometimes, if not most times, that means that we need to go in the opposite direction of the crowd. We need to find our own way, our own path and follow it.

But there will be circumstances that we simply do not control.

Some might be easy to deal it and soon forgotten about but some might seem like an infernal storm hanging above us.

This is the time that we need to decide and choose. Keep going after that goal or give up.

Giving up is easy. To fail is easier, but is that really what you want? After all that hard work?

What if you cant fight that storm? Can’t out run it? 

Dont struggle to do so. Just go with it. Figure out what it is that needs to be done so it passes quicker but don’t run, don’t fight or it might get worse.

A person that is being pulled by the sea has more chances surviving by laying still, going with the flow untill it passes. Struggling will only get him exhausted and kills him.

Ride the storm. What ever it is. Change your mind so you can work on whatever is needed to do so.

Don’t forget your path, goal and once the skies clear… 

Go after it even more hungry to achieve it.

Have faith….


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