Things arent always as simple the seem. And sometimes when you think you are almost there, you are forced to make an unexpected turn.

It might be due to your own actions or someone elses that make you fall. It doesn’t matter who or what to blame.

You fall.

So what do you do?

Blaming everthing and everyone you simply give up? Give up and turn your back on that goal that you were reaching for? Or do you fight back…

Guesss it all depends on how bad do you really want it. Was it merely a wish, some to do like on a “before I die to do list”? 

Or was it a true goal. Something that is part of who you are and what you want to be….

To fall is normal. To fail is natural on the path to success.

If you really want it you’ll work hard for it.

And even when forced to stop temporarily you still need to work for it. Just need to rethink, regroup and replan.

But never give up

When you are down it is vital to look back at the achievements gotten so far. Is important so you don’t stop believing in yourself.

Think to yourself.. how manny times have you fallen and stood back up? How manny times have you managed it work.

As I write this, I cant feel my hands. This set back will put me off competition as bodybuilder that was nearly there.

It hurts and irritates, frustrates me but I simply need to stand up, dust it off and come back stronger.

Never give up


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