Motivation…. That is all you hear lately.

Get motivated, change your life. Dream big and follow that dream.

But we must not forget about something else that is even more important. Something that without it we could never be able to achieve that dream

See motivation alone is certainly the key to get started. It is what make us want more and try to get more. 

But motivation alone will only get you started, it won’t keep you going.

You can set goals. Wake up in the morning excited about those changes in life. Full of energy you start the day and have made up your mind, today things will start to change because you are motivated.

And then…

And then reality hits you. Life hits you. End of the day you feel tired, exhausted, drained. Last thing you want is to start on that new project of life, that idea that got you so excited…. 

Where is the fuel to get going? You feel or felt motivated enough before but something is missing to keep going.


Dedication is the key to that. It is what keeps you going. 

Dedicate yourself to work on that dream. Be ready to make minor or even major adjustments along the way but stay focussed, dedicated to make it happen.

Doesn’t matter that you have had a long hard day and that you’re tired. Dedication will make you put all of that aside and work on that goal. 

It is what makes you work hard even when there is no one looking, no one looking up to you. You are working on your  goal. Your life depends on it. So make sure there is no excuses.

Commit and dedicate yourself to win. Use that motivation and start the fire within you and use dedication and fuel to keep going.

No matter what your goal is. Use this everyday, all day and eventually life will change for better.

25% motivation to start the fire 

75% dedication to fuel the fire


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