Is money the answer? 

Is wealth the answer, the key to happiness?

Or are we being mislead by the consumism of society and maybe even of those who profit from our spendings.

Of course we need it to survive, to live, to enjoy life. 

But have we became slaves of this piece of paper? 

Having money doesnt mean you will be happy, you don’t have problems and live free. The more you earn the more you get tricked into spending.

Ever wondered why a middle class guy can easier get loan for something he doesnt realy need? While a struggling man, working hard to put food on the table wont get a small loan for a refrigerator….

Society has been set up so we become slaves. 

There is nothing to get from the broke so the banks focus on the middle and upper class.

But does this mean that the broke have a miserable life? Feeling sad all the time?

Of course some cant buy the most recent phone, cant go to fancy restaurants and can’t buy a car.

But you can always visit friends, make something to eat with whatever is left and seat down as a family, share public transport and catch up on small talk.

Money in the bank, a carrer, a big house and a nice car doesn’t define you. You can still be miserable, saf, unhappy.

You define who you are by being humble, honest and focussed on your own life.

Don’t look down at people with a lower income..embrace them. Get to learn them and learn other views of life. Share your wealth..

Don’t envy people with a higher income. Work hard and never give up, but dont forget to enjoy life daily.

Some spend so much time focussing on making money they forget to live, forget family.

Even more important than money is time.. money you can always make, borough..time passes and you cant go back.

Best way to show how much you care about someone is to give them your time. 

Money isnt real..


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