A cup of coffee to start the day…

Coffee is used in a million different ways and there are even more reasons and excuses to have a cup of coffee.

There is one though that is often forgotten about.

How about adding coffee to your life?

Yes… Coffee your life.

Coffee is one of the most predominat flavour you can add to beverages or food. Have a glass of milk and add coffee to it, see what happens. In sauces, add some coffee and taste the difference.

So embracing this, add coffee…

Remember that you can have a bad cup of coffee. Bitter, dark, burned, that tastes awfull and no matter how much milk, cream or sugar you will add it will still taste bad.

But you can also have a good cup of coffee. That gives you more energy, warms you up and gives you that comforting feeling to carry on. Where there is nothing you need to add. It tastes good as it is.

In life you can have bad, hard and harsh feelings that will poison you and everything you touch.

But you can also enjoy and focus on the good feelings. Even if they are small like a short expresso, they still taste wonderfull.

Coffe your life with that good tasting, comforting cup of coffee that will flavour up your universe and enjoy every little moment.

Drinking a cup of morning joe with the ones you care about is a special gift in life.

Embrace and enjoy itimages (4)


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