Ever wonder what it takes to brake us? What is necessary for an individual to go through so he can realize that he is only a small step away from failure….

Sometimes we forget to realize how our own actions are stopping us from being happy, feeling good about ourselves and our lives.

It all seems to go so good that we stop focussing on what we have and start focussing only and just on what we want.

And even though we might be going about happy and moving forward towards personal success we seem to forget about that what is in front of us…


So when we hit the floor we should blame only ourselves for not being able to realize this in time.

What does it take?

What makes us stop and realize when we have gone too far?

For me it is the feeling of loosing. Loosing that what I so much want and fight for.

When I come to that point that I realize my fate and future depends no longer on me, because I have destroyed it by giving in to my own fears, because I have drowned myself in my own sick whirpool of fears inside head.

images (2)

That is when I realize and come to reason. When I stop being hard on not only those around me but on myself as well.

And than what…

I believe that at this moment there ate 2 choices.

Either you choose to be hard on yourself and carry on or you simple give up on those fears and truly live life without fears.

I choose to live without fears. To surrender and trust that one person that despite of it all chose to stay…

images (1).jpg

We can choose to be what the past has shown us and taught us. Ot we can choose to grow.

Life and god will throw some hard lessons at us and some will be hard to deal with. But the best ones are the ones that stay and help us grow.

I have recently come to realize this. And that I was my own suicide bomber of my own life. Hurting the ones around me, but killing myself along the way.

What does it take to wake up? Do we really need to die? Or just our fears?






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