The art of sculpting your body.

Not necessarily into perfect shape or condition, this is a personal opinion and view. That what is the perfect shape and physique for me might be opposite for someone else.

Bodybuilding with all its different categories is nothing else but the art of creating your perfect shape according to your own desire.

It is a metamorphosis that is not only hard on your body but also on your mind.

It takes sacrifices, effort and hard work.


How bad do you want it? How hard are you willing to work for it?

See, it doenst matter if you are natural or on the juice, you still need to put in the hard work, still need to focus on diet.

All the family is sitting at the table and you are on your diet? Girlfriend wants a night out but you need to bring your next meal? How about planning holidays when you need to maintain the workout and your diet?

It is socially excluding yourself just because you have a personal goal….

Are you ready to take that step? Is your spouse ready for that?

This is the hardest part. Training is easy. Maintaining the diet is not bad if you forget about the above issues…

Than comes the various phases.

Bulking. When at some point you feel fat, dont want to eat and still have to force it. Getting tired all the time just because you are getting bigger and it takes more effort to move around.

Cutting. In the first week you feel dizzy, headaches because you are eating far below of what you should. Feeling weak and still having to train. Going to bed feeling hungry. Eating and 5 minutes later you are starving.

Are you ready for this.

Are you obsessed enough to keep going?

I’m not even going to touch the juice issue. That is a personal choice and you better be damn sure about it before picking up that needle, because there is not backing off after that.

Bodybuilding is to me the most beautiful sport. It requires the most focus and obsession. It is also something you carry on your shoulder and everyone can see. It reflects the most beautiful way of leading your live and chasing your dreams.

But it is a hard live of sacrifices and discipline.

Are you willing to go for it?

Are you willing to fight?

Step into this world and work hard.




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