At some stage in life we need to make a decision.

Either stay were we feel safe. Live by and with that what we know so well or we chance it and go further.

It’s the hardest choice we might need to make. But what is it we are afraid of when facing that dilemma?

Don’t take action and we stay there where we are so familiar. Feel safe and some might even enjoy staying here, comfortable and safe. But the problem arises not because we feel safe but because in our mind we will always be questioning ourselves… what is? What would we have been like?

Choose to move on, step into unfamiliar grounds and we need to deal with our own defense mechanism. This can stop us from going into new grounds. Srepping into the unfamiliar.

So what to do?

transferir (3)

Go beyond that what you think is your limit. Go beyond that what people around you say is possible…

Don’t be afraid. Just take that step and stand behind your choice.

Just make sure that you take the correct choice by trusting your gut.

If it feels good. Go for it.

Go beyond the horizon. Break through your pain barrier and you will be surprised…

New horizons will come. Your pain barrier will be raised and you will be able to take more, you will grow stronger.


Go beyond your dreams and live them.


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