How many of us have been living in fear..  Fear of the future, fear of the past that keeps on haunting us during the present.

Fear of being alone, fear of sharing our lifes. Fear of not fitting in, fear of getting lost in the crowd.

Covered in fear every single step, every choice that needs to be taken is harder to take. Torn up between the what if, we get lost in the why not….

So during life we need to take decisions and not always are they going to be the best for us…

So what….

Fear is a mechanism of defense. It is our brain trying to keep us safe. Trying to secure our safety by not stepping into unknown paths.

Should we ignore this mechanism? Hell no..

We should use it so we dont take those steps without caution but we should definitely take them..

Ever seen a toddler learning to walk on its own? If he takes a fall it will take longer for him to get back up and walk.. that is the defense mechanism of his small brain saving him from pain..

Does he stay in fear for a long time? The curiosity of exploring the world is much bigger than the fear of getting hurt.

Dont be afraid to get hurt. Be cautious but take the risks.

Love without fear of getting hurt.

Explore the world without fear.

Live life to your full potential and enjoy every single step along the way.

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The path is to be taken cautiously but without such fear that it stops us from actually taking it.

Use fear for your benefit…


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