So when do we stop being children and start acting like an adult?transferir (1)

Why do we even stop certain childish behavior and start to act like adults?

Of course we need to face reality with all its hidden dangers and tricks. All the things we thought we were prepared for but never really were. Assuming a stand against the world and create our own future.

But should we really forget about how it was when we were children?

Should we stop having fun?images

Some say that a child doesnt see the real world and that is why they seem like they dont care about anything but being happy.

is this true?

As a child we see everything bigger, harder. Every little detail is a major obstacle in life and a child fears. They fear a lot yet they dont stop to be reasonable. They explore knowing that the grown ups have their back.

They laugh without fear. Cry without shame. Call eachother liers and curse without any thought behind it.

They live and feel every single emotion without the fear of being looked down at.

Is this really so bad?

Should we not face our duties but still smile when needed, cry when we feel sad?

Where or at what stage does this get such a big deal that we become so afraid of what others think that we actually surpress our own feelings?

Feel like a child.

Cry and laugh like one.

Even the stubbornness of a child is a lot healthier than the giving up attitude we as an adult tend to develope.

Try and tell a child he or she cant do something they really want and you will experience true determination. Even if it means they have  scream their lungs off. They will not stop untill that goal is achieved.

Be a childish adult….transferir



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