Ever been driving on roads paved with ice? Covered in snow?

The ones that have experienced this know a couple of general tricks that help and prevent crashes.

One thing is to take the necessary safety measures such as good tires that have been designed for it. Tools that need we need to invest in order to prepare better.

Besides this there are tricks such as;

Don’t brake too often or too hard, instead get the feeling and steer back onto the road and til you’ve straightened up again. Don’t hesitate. Don’t stop in panic.. need to keep going, keep that momentum going. It helps you brake through that small snow barrier, but once you stop that same insignificant layer will be enough to prevent you starting again.

Haven’t we all faced events in life where we felt like we were walking on thin ice? It all can collapse and submerge you in a deep cold situation hard to get out off.

When ever facing that apply these same principles.

Don’t stop. For when you stop moving a small insignificant detail might become so big it will prevent you from starting again, you will be stuck.

Dont hit the brakes, this will only give you a false feeling of safety. Before you know it this braking puts you spinning around your axle.

Dont hesitate and dont take sharp turns… feel what is around you and go with it. Always towards you inicial goal without deviating.

Sonetimes all we need is to push through. Keep that momentum working for us.

Dont be afraid to step on thin ice. Be afraid to stop halfway.



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