And than that day comes when you realise you have changed.

And it is not waking up in the morning and feeling better that makes you realise this, it is during ordinary day in day out circumstances that you come to realise.

You no longer feel that same anger when frustrated, even though small outburst still come occasionally but even they get less frequent.

No longer feel anxious when you have no news for a longer period, just because you trust those around you that help you change… no longer feel you are constantly being lied to.

No longer have the need to publish everything and every single pic on social media as they no longer fulfil you, there is someone else that matters and that is it.

Changes can be overwhelming, they can be frightening and it can actually breal us down. Stepping into a new us is sometimes scary… but we need those changes in life.

We need to grow and become better. For ourselves and for those that help us change.

Sometimes it only takes that one person to step in and we start to bit by bit feel better, be better…

Dont let that intimidate you though.. embrace it.

Dont force yourself into nothing just be yourself and let the other persons energy overwhelm you and improve your own energy.


A crossroad might mean you have to choose a new route but it also joins people. And if faith is your strongest weapon than have faith that at that crossroad another positive energy will join you and together you will be able to face the next challenges in life.

So dont expect to wake up feeling a new person, but when you realise in your daily routine that you have changed…

Embrace it…




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