Driving up the mountain we get surrounded by fog and even though we know the direction we are heading, it is quite easy to panic.
To stop and wonder where to go next….
Just a few meters back we new where to go and now we are stopped wondering, clueless…

Has the road changed?
Did we suddenly forget where we were heading?
Or are we just overwhelmed by the surrounding fog?

Sometimes there are circumstances that can be so overwhelming that make us actually loose track of that what it is we are heading for.

When we get surrounded by fog the worst thing to do is panic, start heading in every direction..
Instead the best way is to take a deep breath, look around and keep focus on the destination you had before getting surrounded.
Step by step, slowly keep going and feel the ground below with every step taken.
Cautious keep going until you walk out, the skies open and the road ahead is visible.


Anyone driving down the road in the fog and mist has experienced that same frustrating feeling. High beam on or off?
Get blinded by the reflection of the light but see just a little bit more of the road in front or see less and focus more, maybe going slower but still going.

And that is exactly what needs to be done and what we have done today as we were driving up the mounting, getting not only surrounded by fog but also immersed in the white scenery that makes it hard to determine where the edge of the road is…
Still we knew where to go and more cautious that is where we have gone.

Sometimes we tend to get lost in the fog inside our head, we panic and start going in every direction except the correct one.
We get so overwhelmed by it we no longer think, no longer are able to take that deep breath and take baby steps ahead, going forward…
And when the fog clears we tend to find ourselves in an entire different situation than that what we were aiming for.


Dont panic and dont loose track of that what you want.

There will be struggle and there will be days of storm and fog.

There will also be days of sunshine.

Make sure you dont get lost in the fog though or those sunny days wont be as fabulous as you initially had hoped for.




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