Motivation…. is it all it takes for us to take those steps?
Or do we sometimes just need to push through and see what is behind the wall….







“not today bro, just not motivated”
“not now I just have to unwind and then I will do it”
“haven`t got my pre-work out, I wont train today”….

and so on and so on….

We have all heard it before. Better yet, we have all said it before…

That moment that we need to do something, take a decision, start doing some kind of sport, stop smoking, etc. But the “motivation” isnt there…
Makes me wonder how important this motivation really is… or are we maybe using it wrong, using it as an excuse not to do some instead of just going out there and step up.

See most people need that extra push, nothing wrong with that… but most people dont realize that that extra push needs to come from within. It needs to be you pushing yourself.
And even though you might not feel like, you need to push….

Motivation is not a slogan to be used as a tool for when it fits best, it is something that you build step by step, it is a desire to achieve something, a dream so big that all you want it to get to that point so you keep on going.
Even when you dont feel like it, even when that same motivation you so much need is simply not there.
Not every day is going to be easy, there will not always be someone out there pushing you and giving you that extra boost you need..

You need to build on that.
Uou need to say I dont feel like it that is why I am going to.
I dont feel like working out so I will put an extra 10kg on the bar, so I know next time that I have to push even harder.


It is the intensity of your desire, the direction you point yourself to and your persistence to keep going that is going to build that motivation and eventually bring you to your dream.

So stop making excuses. If you do need an excuse than blame yourself for being lazy, afraid to take action, weaker that your fears…

We tend to make excuses and try to reason ourselves into not doing that what we want because of fear.
Fear of achieving it most of the times.

Someone without great achievements doesnt fear to fail, he knows what failure is and lives with.
He fears winning.
We are more afraid of winning than loosing.

What if we do win? what if it changes us? What will friends and family say? How will they react?
So we are actually afraid of achieving and living our lives the way we want, because failure we know so well.
Step out of that zone and take risks…
Stop waiting for the right moment, for that motivation, that sign…

live life without fears 



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