Sometimes we postpone dicisions. Sometimes we postpone important events in out lifes and even decisions that might seem minor at the moment but crucial for the future are postponed. Put on hold…

Why?… mainly because we are afraid to take actions.

The fear of taking actions stops us from living that future that we so much desire. This same future we so much desire makes some so scared of action and decisions that we cut ourselves short because of it.

What if tomorrow never happens? What if we misguide ourselves and boycott our own future due to not taking that decision?

When it feels natural, when a decision seems nothing but the correct thing to do we need to take that step and do it.

Dont take unnecessary risks and put your life in danger but don’t stay in that comfortable and o so safe zone afraid to go beyond

What if the person that is entering your life won’t stay?  What if due to that same thought you push that person away?

What if that job you so much desire will be fulfilled by someone else? What if your indecision to apply for it causes you to loose a future career that might change your life?

I have been living for years wanting to step out but always afraid to. I have known all of this for years. Yet never been able to do so.

Untill  I realized that my same fears is what is keeping me back.. and even though on so many  other aspects in life I am fearless I still was never able to be so on a much more personal level…

So now due to some recent events I realize something……..what if is  my future.

What if is at the same level as remember when… it is nothing but a lower form of conversation. The lowest you can have.

It stops us from being true to ourselves and to live.

Remember when can lead you into old memories and stop you from creating new ones. We are always changing, emproving ourselves, learning new skills and becoming a better version of ourselves.

What if stops us from learning. What if stops the action. It inhibits new challenges and creates fear.

Never stop. Enjoy every single moment, everyone in your live and keep pushing.

Be afraid. Afraid to stagnate and cut yourselve short.

Try and plant a rose in between a concrete wall.. see if that seed says what if there is no space for growth?

What if I die tomorrow and as I am looking back I realized I should have and could have loved more, expressed more without fears? What if? Maybe I would not have been lying there alone thinking about that…

What if we all aim for a better version of ourselves. What if we all help each other grow.

What if…


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