As I stand here in the wind. Feeling it blow. Feeling the forces and energy it carries I cant help but to realize how important it is to let energy flow.

We shouldn’t stay rigid thinking about our worries, problems. Just like we shouldn’t try to grab hold of joyfull moments hopping that they never end.

Let it flow like the wind. Let life flow and dont fight it. Don’t try to hold on to negative memories and and try to live just on positive. Live in balance as life is a constant flow, just like the wind is a way of nature keeping the balance of its energy cycle.

Just like it dissipates our worries it carries new and stronger energies into our lives.

Feel the wind. Feel and listen to it. You can almost feel the anger and rage you might feel at that moment disapear with it. Being dispersed into the skies.

Just like you can feel new energy entering and flowing through you. Into you.

The clouds move along and even though it might me a dark day covered in clouds that same wind will open the sky and sunlight will shine through afterwards.

Some hate windy days. I like to feel it. I like to take a stand and just feel the energy

Let it fill me with energy and empty me from my worries.

Embrace nature’s wonders. The sun set is most beautiful on a cloudy day for a reason.


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