as I sit here I can help reminisce my walk of life…

The best lesson I have learned is to never stop and dwell on the past…
Keep going and try to do better, be better….

See the past is a lesson and we need to learn from it, but never stay in it.


At a young age I have learned that our world as we know and trust can take a huge turn and change. And sometimes it is not even your own fault, but you are a victim of someone else wrong doing.
As we flew over to another country, another culture I couldnt be prepared for what was to come. At that young age you just dont think that far ahead… All I wanted was to be back with my parents.
But at this age I simply moved on, learned the language and integrated. Became familiar with new ways, new friends and grew in a new world. So much different that the small village I came from.


Growing up finding myself. Having friends and belonging somewhere…
Yet once again I have learned that it is not always what it seems and sometimes things can change.
As I tried to get myself an education, a better future for myself I have learned that “friends” are not always what they seem… And just when I was working on a better future for myself those friends excluded me and walked out (I was going where they could not or would not go, into a better and more educated world).
So I moved on, dusted the dust and kept going…
Today I am a good professional technician with a good reputation and a strong CV.


At around 23 years old, after I finally got a finance to buy my dream bike… I once again got shown how things change in a minute and dreams can end.
After unloading the bike, getting help from a thug neighbour, that same neighbour robbed me from the cash I had to pay the bike… So there it was, back in the trailer and gone..
After some years I got a tattoo of that bike, and actually bought it. Cash, no finance..
I have driven that bike for 4 years nearly. Till my life changed due to my daughter, I simply had no more time for it. Sold it.
I didnt dwell on that moment in the past, crying about it.. I moved on and when I had the chance to buy I did. Move forward.


During the time I was studying I have learned to live on my own, I have seen and dealt with all my relatives returning to our home country. But I never did anything but to carry on, push myself and continue, kept moving forward.

I have dealt with some blows, most of them not caused by me, but harming me. But I have never looked back, never stayed down.
Have dealt with a struggle for custody, dealt with financial blows and even had to  check into therapy, when I could no longer function due to panic attacks.

I have never stayed in the past, blaming the world and others. Doenst mean I havent got any resentments. I have loads of them.. I just have learned to keep moving forward with my life.
Even if it seems hard I havent stopped.

I have never really thought about it in a deep profound way. It is simply who I am.
And looking back I can see that what I have accomplished.

I have a well payed job where I am respected and recognized.
A house big enough for me, daughter and future.
A car, financial stability.
Even at the gym, I am reaching levels of greatness….

All of this because of one simple fact about who I am….

I never stop. I never stay too long dwelling.

I have my goals, my dreams and I never ever give in.

road to success

This is something I have never put much thought into it…it is simply something I have done without realizing.

Think about it…

What good does it do to stop? What benefit does it have?

Learn from it and keep going… Dont go running around without a clue where you are going…
Stop to think, see what it is that you have available at that moment, what it is that you can use… Grab on and move.





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