How many times have you heard people claiming to be humble?  Followed by undermining someone else.

Humble is not the poor man just barely making a living,  it is not the factory worker…  Just because of the fact that they are poor or just a simple worker compared with the wealthy or foremen..

Humble is not the housewife with patched clothes,  just because she claims to be better at saving money than other women.

Humble is the rich man who doesn’t flash but simply lives his life according to his wallet.

Humble is the women that buys clothes every now and than when she can afford it.  But doesn’t complain when there is no money for it.

To be humble is to be in peace with yourself.

To be humble is to accept your own life choices and live with then.  It is not to see what you don’t have and others do…  That is simply called envy.

Dont claim it.  Dont say it… Live it….

This era we live in is a golden era for self change.  For self improvement. Yet instead of self learning most people try to find the fault in someone else… Try to blame someone else.

It is time to stop living the lie, the untold secret story of our lives.  It is time to be truly humble.  Bow our heads down and focus on what and who it is that we want to be. It js time to be obsessed with our own lifes.

Be humble in a way that you dont care about anyone else except yourself.  For it is only you to blame for where you are. And only you that can change things.

I know it from my own experience..  Self improvement is the hardest thing to do.  As you need to accept that it is only you that can change things.

So live it


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