As I drove back to the hotel after a days work on a windfarm close to Mora, dalarna in Sweden… I realized something….

First all I saw was the snow and ice, the sun setting and night falling. Driving to Mora without even thinking about the amazing view and its amazing lesson.

Sometime we tend to brake down with all the trouble and darkness that sets upon us and our lives. We dont think about anything on that moment and just give in. Thinking that there is no way out, thinking it is not fair and crying, asking why us, why is this happening.

What we dont realize is that no matter how bad things seem to be, if it hasnt killed us it will make us stronger…
Sometimes we need to shake it off and sometimes we need to let the universe shake it off for us..and untill this happens we need to bare the cross, embrace it, make it part of our lives and continue to stand tall until the universe finds a way to get rid of it.

See it doesnt matter how much we struggle against a fight we know we cant win.
So why struggle?
Why waste energy?

If it is something we know we can change, we can fight. Than by all means give it all youve got and fight hard..

I realized this looking at these trees on the picture above.
See how they are covered in ice and snow, branches bending down from the weight of the snow…
These trees cant fight the snow. They cant simply shake it of.

So do they fall down and give up?

They just bite the bullet and stand tall.
Take the weight and wait till better days come.
And when those days come and the snow melts…. these same tress will stand tall, even taller and their branches that are bend over now will be even greener then ever before.

We need to learn from nature..
For how bad it might seem.. If it doesnt kill us straight away, if we know there is nothing we can do to fight our sorrow… stand tall and take it. embrace and wait for better days..


The sun shines brighter after a storm…


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