So what is it all about?  We all want to progress in life.  We all want to become a better version of ourselves,  like Elliott Hulse says….  

And it is true.  

But how?  Do we just wake up and decide to take controll of life and start to build a new and improved future? 

Yes. It basically comes down to that and couldn’t be much easier than that. 

Or is it? 

What if in your past you have been doing things in a harmful way that cuts you short..  What if there are issues that prevent you from enjoying your life right now and therefore will stop you from building that future?? 

That is what it comes down to eventually… Deal with whatever holds you back. 

When trying to become a better version of yourself it is very much like doing restoration of a classic muscle car.  You can’t just paint it and hope it gets back into it’s potential..  You remove all rotten metal parts, open and revise all engine parts… See what it is that needs to be repaired… Repair and fix it today so that tomorrow it is back to its full glory and even stronger.. 

I’m not saying that we need to go into every detail of the past that has hurt us. We dont need to go back and solve every single unsolved issue. 

All there is needed is to understand what it is in the past that has made you who you are today and that has changed you in a way that is stopping you from living life to the full tomorrow.  

Maybe there are scars that keep you tight up and prevent you from enjoying your present.  These need to be understood. 

Yes understood because we can not change the past. We can only learn from it. 

Understand why they are there and admit what it is that they mean.  What it is that they prevent you to do and whom to be. 

Once we realise what makes us.  Who we are… We also understand what breaks us and who we want to be. 

So look back and deal with it.  Learn from it.  Realise what your present situation is due to them. Dream about who you want to be. 

And now thay you actually know what has made you.  You can use the good parts and remove the bad. 

Cut the weed and feed the grass today so tomorrow you can sit back and remember on how bad it used to be, thankfull for how it is now. 

Going from negative to positive is when you refuse to let the negative control the present and you fight and work hard for a positive future. 

Dont be upset during this process if you loose a so called friend or two.. Or even a family member.  Maybe they were the weed that needed to be cut. 

Dont ever think that you can outrun the past… Deal with it and enjoy everyday. 

Enjoy nature.  It is a gift from God to show us how wonderful life is.  We just seem to forget to stop and smell the roses sometimes because we are so focused on tomorrow we forget today. 


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