seems we have hit a new era… a motivational one…

It doesnt take much to realize how motivational slogans are being misused and abused. Just log on to any social network and you will be bombed with motivational slogans. Famous people that have risen from poverty into rich strong men and women.

These slogans are being thrown around like a free ticket into richness and success.

Yet most of the times when these are shared or liked on social network sites, the ones doing that fail to realize the true message that lies within them.

It doesnt matter how many time you share a slogan, it doenst matter how many time you tell yourself that if anything in your life needs to change it is only up to yourself to change and fight for it.
You can read all of these and memorize them all you want, you can even believe that by saying so things will change…

But have you actually read and understood the message?

Do you actually think that these guys have been walking around shouting all these slogans? Or have sat down and thought what they could say that later on would be used to motivate?

Instead of wasting time on social network sites claiming slogans that hopefully will help you get motivated…. go out there and grind.. do the work. work hard until you reach your goal and than set another one an fight for that one.

Work in silence.
Let your actions, your changes in your own life speak for you.
Dont waste time on anything expect for reaching that goal. whatever it is….

When you work in silence other people wont notice you and wont try to influence you with their own doubts and envy.
When you work in silence you simply dont have time to post these things.

Why loose time and energy on something that wont help you?

I am not saying that these slogans are evil and you shouldnt even read them or use them.

I am saying that you should use them.
Use rhem to motivate yourself, to know that it is possible…

Just dont use them to convince other people that you are motivated. Who cares about the others anyway?

I dont care about what others might say or think…
You see me at the gym I have my headphones on, hoodie on…grinding

Do I read these slogans? Do I need and find them usefull? yes I do.

I just dont need to tell the world how motivated I am. My actions and the way I life speaks for it self.


Stop wasting time talking about it and spend more time working on it..

You will be amazed to see how much more time you will have to actually work on your on motivation and stay motivated.

Social network sites are to socialize as in keeping in touch with friends and so on. Stop trying to show something you are not on these site.

It is your life. you fight for it. No one needs to know….


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