Why do we tend to limit our lifes when it comes to work and professional choices? 

What is it that limits us to the area we live in when we try to find work?

Is it that we are afraid of stepping out of that comfort zone or are we just not open for othe possibilities such as travelling?  Either that be to move completely or to travel back and forward. 

Yes it is hard to build a family and yes it a lonely life on both the one who travels as the one who stays back home. Children grow up with a father only every now and then.  Wifes are only hugged every noe and then. 

It is a hard life but so is that mediocre life with little amount of money where every day is a struggle and quite often we come home so tired from everything that the only thing on our mind is to sleep. 

Money is not everything but unfortunately in most countries it is a fact.  Families struggle to pay bills.  People struggle to get by and during those moments there is nothing else on their mind but to find a way to pay the rent. 

So what do you do?  If that opportunity knocks on the door and you as a husband will have to travel? 

From my own experience that is exactly what you need to do. Pack your bags and go. 

But don’t leave.. Go for work.  Make a living but never leave. 

Here lies the difference between a happy life where one has to travel and a broken marriage because one had to travel. 

Don’t leave.  Don’t neglect. 

Keep daily contact.  Stay present.. Nowadays with modern technology this easy. 

And when you do come back home forget about those that do not matter.  Embrace and spoil your wife,  your children. Spend quality time with them. 

This a key factor to keep a relationship healthy.  Specifically when you are traveling. 

I am traveling for 10 years now and I will stop soon.  Buy until then I will not,  actually I refuse to neglect those that mean something to me. Those that I work for.  And I never forget that it is even harder for them when I am not around. 

Embrace life ad it comes but never forget and neglect those around you.  The ones that are truly important. 

Pub buddies will always be there.  And will aleays be at the same spot as when you leave.  

A wife and children may not be there some day. And when the fire is not fed it burns out. 

A will snap if the sprocket is not lubricated.  Love will do the same if not fed. 


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