Dont forget to stop and see the sun shining through the clouds. Even when all seems to make no sence at all or when it is so dark that it just doesn’t seem to be possible for a ray of  sunshine to break through….  Never give up on faith and hope. 

Sometimes we start to feel anxious and start to doubt.  Think that we need to give up.  But when you carry on beyond thay point of repture and go outside that confort zone because deep down a little voice is telling you to keep fighting…. 

It is there and then that we see the sun shining through the storm.  The dark clouds… 

I have just recently met a wonderful woman who by talking had won a part of me already..  But on the first meet made me think of giving up because of how she has learned to protect herself in this harsh world. 

And at that moment I felt I needed to push through.  Break through… 

And how wonderful it has turned out to be. 

The sun broke through and has wrapped around my world.  Giving it light and warmth. 

And has I think about it now.  The doubts whether or not she would show up. The darkness of whether or not I would break that  armor and find a beautiful soul that was hidding behind.. 

I realize that we should always keep the faith.  Keep fighting.  Never give up on that what seems correct to us. 


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