just like a fighter on a ring, always get up and keep fighting. Even when all seems lost, never give up and keep fighting. You dont loose when you get down you loose when you give up the fight.
Stand up and hit live in another angle. For that last punch might just be the one needed to break through.

Sometimes we tend to give up. We tend to look around and see all the struggle and all the fighting and just say… screw this, it aint never going to work.
But if we really want something and really believe in that what we want, life itself will give us something to hold on and keep going.

we just need to have our eyes open and see what is out there. understand what it is that is showing us never to give in.



I myself just recently was ready to give up on a dream, a goal that I not only need to accomplish a but also want to.
And just there at that moment when I was ready to call it quits, something amazing happened.

That what I have been looking for and that what I so much desire in my life has found a way into my life.
I wasnt the one that has gone all the way to find it, it has come to me.

It doesnt mean that this person will be the one to share my life with, only god knows what the future holds.
I surely do hope for the best and will fight for it. Fighting means that above all one needs to stay honest and be himself.

Sometimes we get signs thrown at us, a light at the end of the tunnel that shows us not to give up. Not to quit.
And sometime miracles like this do happen. Signs that show us to keep going just when we are ready to quit.

Life is just about that. About keep going and keep fighting. Never giving up.

It is when all hope seems to be lost that we need to push harder. When we are burned out, that is when if we push further changes start to happen.
This is outside our comfort zone and it is when and where we grow.

Learn to appreciate life and all that it gives us. Learn from everything and enjoy every day.

Be thankful for the leasons, the mistakes.. learn from them and grow.
Never settle for less than that what your heart desires.
Dont compensate.

be obsessed and believe




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