So it is that time of the year again.

families gather together and sit down for an over the top dinner and lunch the next day. Enjoying the food and the companion of those we love.

Well at least that is how it should be.

Unfortunately too many times (seems like lately is has been worse that a few decades ago) those that join your table would do that during the year on other occasions.
Seems that X-mas brings people together that normally would not even speak to each other let alone sit there and joke about life and other issues. Pretending to be what they really are not.

And is that not a shame?
So what do we do? Close our eyes and pretend? Be just as fake as the ones around you?

Of course there is always issues and dont always get along with everyone in our lifes, But I am not talking about that, it is not the normal daily get along and be happy.
Am talking about family issues that seem to vanish all of the sudden.. That is until someone realizes that he or she has spent more money on a gift than the one they got in return. When back in the kitchen someone is talking crap about another but in the living room all is well and happy.

I wish we could just get along but still being able to speak our mind and being true to ourself. Personally I am not the type of guy to pretend, if I have something on my chest I will say so… like it or not.And that is what I expect from the people around me…

This gatherings always remind me of the fake world we live in. It is no longer about union but more about keeping up appearances. No longer about the children either, but about showing who has got ways to spend more money…



As I am sitting here writing this I have to say that I have spent x-mas eve and x-mas day alone at home. Not even with my daughter whom I love and is everything to me.

Yesterday evening I had to rush into the hospital, to leave at around 20h00.
Since plans were to visit a brother quit far from my home, I have decided to send her with my parents… Why….???

Because of the joy she had been in for the last couple of days, making clay figures as a present for her cousin. That joy would have been taken away if I had been selfish and demanded her to stay behind with me so I would not be alone..

Am I a bad father because I have not spend these days with her??? I think not..

My Xmas spirit this year…. We need to spend less time looking at others and what they do, even if it is a brother or sister and we should spend more time educating our children to appreciate life and the small things. Instead of teaching them on how to be selfish and fake.





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