quick post on opinions…..

Is it me or does it seem like everyone is quick to judge, give their opinion even when they don´t know all the facts, all the reasons behind why someone is acting the way he is…

Is it that hard just to listen and respect? Just to say “tell me what´s on your chest”..

People seem to be more willing to give their opinion rather than just listen.
How can anyone judge on another when they haven´t walked in their shoes?


You should smile more, you should open up more often, trust more, be more willing to let people into your life without being afraid of being used…  I get tired of listening to this.
You have no ideia of the reason behind my silence, closed facial expression and why I in general don´t trust anyone.
You haven´t walked in my shoes to be able to pass judgement on that…
It is shocking that most can´t just listen, give their opinion on what they are listening to.

When a person tells you that they have been through sorrow, listen to them. Don´t start saying that that person should be more positive and open.. Listen and realize that he is not complaining an using it as an excuse, he is simply saying that he is who he is because of that.. realize that he is opening up to you because he trust you, despite all crap he has been through. So when you turn it around and start saying crap like be more open, be more positive you are killing this trust instantly.

listening and observing is something that is getting old fashion.

Nowadays all people want is to feel that their ego is being boosted, so they pass judgement on stuff they don´t know.


It is a shame…





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