Ever had that feeling of what if?. What if I had done that, said that..What if I had taken the risk..
Nowadays a lot of people seem to be more focussed on posted nice sayings on social media, sayings that refer to better times will come, time will tell, don’t panic things come together when you least expect… But I wonder sometimes if and how this is supposed to work.

Should we just sit in a corner praying and visualizing? hoping for a change but take no action expect for praying and wishing.

I don’t belive in that, I believe we should take ours. we should fight for ours.. There should be no what if´s.

Of course this will cause me and anyone that takes that risk to fail more often, but that is just part of the deal.

There is nothing wrong with failing in my eyes… There is however something wrong with “what if”.

If that women that wants to change her life and has someone who is willing to help her at least with the initial steps then she should go for it.. instead of just sitting around waiting for things to happen.

That guy that is in love with women should just go for it…Step up or step down.

I am nearly 38 years old and I have been that guy for many years. That guy afraid to speak up. That guy afraid to take steps on personal level and looking back now I regret.


I regret the chances I have blown to have people in my live and maybe some of them would not have fitted in and would have been cut off eventually… But at least there would have been the opportunity for me to understand that and learn from it.

all I am saying is stop wishing start doing.

never lose faith and hope and never ever give up on your dreams just to fulfill someone else´s false idea of what is a safe life.

Chase live. Take the risk…

actions instead of pretensions.



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