seems like everyone wants to be one but not many are actually willing to be one.

How many times have you walked into the gym and see that guy pushing weights, focussed and training hard? That one guy that seems to do it all but blows it all on the weekend.
Puts in the effort to workout but when it comes to dieting… Well lets just say that being carefull with what you eat isnt going to do it.

Bodybuilding, just like everything else in life is about all in. You want results and I am talking about results not about being fitter.. I am talking about being big…. It is a package. It is all in.

It reflects on a lot more aspects of life in general. People want something but dont go all in. dont do what needs to be done..

Some might say that I am obsessed and do too much. I say “so what”. Let me be obsessed, let me go all the way, let me put in all the effort.
What is wrong with being obsessed.. It is a lot better than being average, being just like the rest.

Bodybuilding is a full package; exercise, diet, suplements.
It is a constant focus and hard work. There are no days off, there are no excuses.. You go in, put in the work. Make sure your diet is correct and on time, supplement correctly and keep doing it. Day in day out.
No shortcuts… Is that not what life is all about?

I see bodybuilding as a way of growing. In all aspects. It helps me and for sure will help everyone else to grow mentally.
Nowadays people lack focus, they want everything fast and for free.. There is no effort put into anything at all and when there is a little resistance… Most quit.

bodybuilding doesnt give you the chance to quit or go half way.. It is all in or nothing at all and it takes time, sweat and hard work….

Learn how to put all that into your life goals and keep moving forward. Stay focussed.

Some people look at bodybuilders and see big buff men or women, some might say that we are ugly, shoot steroids and all and kill ourselfs….
What people dont see is the effort and the mental growth that we need to aquire in order to achieve all of that…
Supplements are bad for my health? What about the abuse of booze and tabaco…

Life is a complicated cycle of choices… who do you choose to be?

I choose to be a bodybuilder.. Next year I will be on stage with as much muscle mass as I can get…
Do I take gear.. You damn sure I do… is it correct? maybe not.. But I will do anything necessary to achieve my dreams.. and no one is going to talk me out off it..

my life



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