Absence of words or silence

It has been a while since I last posted.

But that doesn’t mean that I have not been inspired or active.

For being absent does not mean one is lost.

Hence being lost for word to be a better description of ones state of mind. Nevertheless this is not to be justified for not talking or responding to the universe that surrounds us.

For being lost for words does not put and end to the situation, does not shut us off from any undesired circumstance. It simply means that we at that moment have no argumentable words that contribute in a positive way, best is to focus on other aspects of which we can have a positive intput in… But doesn’t shut us or anyone off.

Silence is the opposite. And it is always in a desperate unconscious way of trying to control that what we can not control with our knowledge, experience and expertise. It creates a gap in our universe that is hard to close once opened

One that has grown so familiar with disappointment or sorrow has most likely build a defense mechanism that portraits itself in various different forms. None of them beneficial whatsoever but even so too often they are used without even being asked for.

Master your innerself and learn how to handle yourself in every situation.

Learn the different ways of how your own defensive walls have been built so that you can be lost for words but not in silence.



Silence: the absence of sound, noise, abstractions.

In a society where we are constantly bombarded with materialistic messages, creating a culture of a meaningless loud world where we need to shout in order to be heard and noticed, the best option is to create a silent world around us.

Silence calms our spirit, allows us to keep a clear mind and proceed our own walk of life.

A communication network that has no electrical noise filter is only half as efficient as a clean one.
A mind that is abstracted by surrounding noise will no longer be able to focus on its own thoughts.

However silence kills.

Often mistaken for the best method of self preserverance, silence can destroy that what one is fighting for.

A silent man, that keeps is mind to his own is a prudent person.
A silent man, that keeps his opinion unspoken becomes a puppet and the world his puppeteer.

Unspoken words will never be words.

To speak in silence is the same, if not worse that to speak meaningless words.
Neither are correct and neither have been placed where they should have been.

Use silence to clear the mind, block the noise to stay focused.

But never use silence for words. Even if unsure on what to say, speak your mind for a unspoken thought is far worse than a thought that is not verbalized in the perfect way.

There is no wrong or right in the way we feel. It is either understood and accepted by others or not. But only when spoken.

Silentium: the two edged sword

Pendulum of Life

The greedy salesman, desperately trying to regain losses, tries hard to regain control.
Thinking of ways to get back up he chooses the easy way, the one without honour, the desperate manipulative action.
Grabbing hold of the pendulum, trying to cheat his way into prosperity, stealing from honest and trustful people . But as the weight increases and whilst he is grabbing onto that pendulum, trying to force a balance on the scale that is unnatural he does not see the rick, the slingshot  momentum that is being created.
The pressure became too much, that strong hold, that action trying to regain balance and control has swung into unthinkable depths, as the pendulum gave way and swung to its deepest opposite direction.

In life we sometimes try hard to regain control, balance. We focus on making things work and by doing so all our attention goes just into small details. Details that we think are responsible for regaining that balance and keeping it.

Neglecting other important matters of life we keep going, because once there were these small changes that we needed to do, small adaptations to our daily routine that were needed there and then in order to get back on track.

However balance is about letting the pendulum go. Releasing the pendulum and having faith. To see and to hear, to feel and to express is all there is needed to be in balance.
Sometimes it might swing left and sometimes it might swing right, that is the nature of life. Life´s balance is about living everyday, felling and sensing, expressing and absorbing…

Don´t cling onto the pendulum, grabbing it and trying to force it into balance. When one takes such actions he might risk an uneven pressure build, creating a momentum that once it becomes so strong that it breaks the balance, it is so strong that it will take twice the effort to dissipate come to a standstill.

Acknowledge and embrace 

Growing older teaches a thing or two.

Growing up is a learning curve that hopefully will be guided by love and care by our role models, by our loved ones.
By our childish mistakes we learn and adapt.

By growing older gives us an opportunity to embrace the wonders of life, nature and an unseen force that guides us through this ocean of emotions, troubles and joys.

Sometimes we will get a feeling of horror, a mistrusting feeling of events, of situations and circumstances in live that if we ignore a wave of sorrow will be brought upon us. A true tsunami of worries.

But there are also circumstances we are drawn to that is taken for granted or not grabbed at that time and moment will be later seen with grate regret.
Those moments, when the universe aligns we have no control over. It is out of our reach and we cannot say when it needs to happen. What we do have in these moments of wonderful chemistry is the ability to grab hold of what the universe puts in our path.

Guided by our gut feeling, our instinct, we need to take action. That sixth sense that we are blessed to have will guide us through life, both for good and bad.

The universe has aligned this day a year ago. And a new path has been shown.

Embracing that moment one can only acknowledge and be grateful  

Life is too long to be too short

A foot step closer to the end, yet so far away.
Stepping cautious and adjusting along the way.
Only way is to go forward… Could it just be around the corner..
Immature is the thought of those misjudging its curvy path.
Thinking they need to speed up and before it is too late.
One step at the time…. Don´t rush, for you might trip and fall…

Too short to fear it and too long to be dreaded.

Life is too short to be lived in resentment,grudge or vengeance.
There is so much more to life.
So many years yet to learn, live and enjoy.
Caught up in daily problems, the tendency is a shortsighted view on this long path.
Life is too long to be feared.

“Troubles will come and they will pass”


Learn from it, absorb life´s lessons and carry on.
What good is it to be bitter, holding on to a moment of negativity when there is so much more to live?

There will be times when today seems to be the last day and tomorrow will seem too uncertain…
Yet tomorrow comes and it passes, and life goes on, problems are solved and forgotten… Enemies becomes friends and friends enemies….
What once was, will no longer be. But we are still moving forward, learning and living…

See it as a path to walk, dangerous yet exciting, to be feared yet not to be frightening. Take it as it comes, there is still a long way to go….



time is meassured





Flowing water gives life… Trapped water kills

Running downhill, through tight corners. Falling from heights, trapped in the vortex falling down into the river bed… Keep on flowing, unstoppable, going around obstacles.
It is the energy of life, flow of life…

Moving forward, facing and manoeuvring, bending and stretching…
Giving life and keeping alive….

Water flows, gives life and keeps alive until captured and trapped.
Once its motion is removed, once trapped it dies… Kills..

water 1

Toxic thoughts, feelings and energies have once been constructive. The rules of life, striving to a better one can be compared with the flow of streams, creeks and rivers…
Once trapped, once confined and held in a trap they become toxic and will kill.

Live in a constant flow, not getting caught in oppressive energies, thoughts. Manoeuvre around stones on your way, dont get trapped in poodles of small significance that might become toxic.

Water needs to flow to give life….
all around it will flourish, grow and emanate a healthy environment.

Water trapped becomes toxic, attracts pollution, diseases. Filled with dark energies all around will succumb.

Flow like water





Lighting guides

Rain tumbles down, cooling our nerves. Settling the moods and forcing a deeper thought, a better plan of execution..

As the drops fall and cool our heads, we cant help but to reflect on our troubles.

Lingering for the sun, the warmth, we turn heads to that what is most important.

Fancy features and attributes that once we thought made our image are now just another materialistic downfall for they keep us cold even after the rain stops. Fighting against the warmth that gives us hope.

Thunder and lightning, darkness litten by the strong determined lightning bolt that guides as in a glimpse. Fear will acnhor us down. Faith will guide us through

speaking in silence kills slowly

Like a thick cloud it creeps up from underneath and grabs hold, leaves you clueless of what direction to proceed.
Run away to uncertainty or keep holding on to that small and fragile grip that keeps you in balance.
Silently life seems to drain away as you are left behind clueless.
Shouting for a familiar voice, grasping for an arm embracing you that will drag you out of the swamp.

The silent grip of the mist, it does not announce itself.
Creeps up from those familiar grounds, known so well
It is what makes it even more treacherous as you might feel secure, even though you can no longer see where you are stepping on.

Eventually it will pass, but what will be left is unknown.

Blow that mist away. A draft, even small, is all it takes.


life´s biggest lesson

life biggest and most important lesson must be

“Learn To Let Go”

Just like a young lion cup needs to let go and hunt for himself. Like the young bird lets go and jumps into his first flight….

We need to learn how to let go.

As kids exploring the world we can only truly learn when we let go and when our parents let us go.

So as parents this is the most important teaching and lesson to our next generation.
It is so big that throughout our lives we are constantly challenged with it.
Either it be in a dispute on work or private, letting go of negative feelings and thoughts is the only way to move forward.

A lion hunting cant hang on to anger or resentment when his pray gets away. He lets go and moves onto the next pray.

Letting go of the past so the future can be great. Failing to do this will keep us in the same old fearfully daily life routine that we try to get away from.

Letting go does not mean that we go into the world alone and cut relations with loved or close ones. It means we let go of bad and negative feeling and thoughts.

As we get older life lessons start to have meaning.
No longer do we simply roam around clueless. We now reflect and adjust. Learn from errors and mistakes and move on into a better version of ourself.

Being greatfull for all life events, all lessons I cannot leave behind the ones that step into my world and help me become a better person.

Learn to let go.
Learn to let go of the past and fears from the past so the future is in the next step. A better future full of colour.

lion cup


Embrace your life

Trapped in daily life we fail sometimes to look around.
surrounded by beauty taken for granted sometimes, untill we see strangers stepping on our land.
amazed by the same beauty we see every day.

only difference is they don’t take it for granted.

just because it is daily routine it doesn’t mean it looses it’s beauty and wonderfulness.
the same that attracted us in the beginning is still there.
it is now part of us and that makes it even more intense.

look around and embrace those that are part of you. recognizing their value embrace it and you will find something new everyday.

life is a journey.
don’t loose sight of the wonderfulness around you, even it it seems insignificant and small, trying to look for someone else’s views and idea.

build your own castle